Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Backpacking Travel Must Have: What to Pack and How to Pack Your Stuff

Last 2016, we've finally ticked-off our South East Asian backpacking trip in our bucket list! This travel plan has been in our list since year 2013 and because of our heavy workload, our trip was pushed back 3 years after. 

Backpacking requires A LOT OF PLANNING because you need to consider budget, itinerary, transportation, flights, time differences (if any), currency, accommodation and even the essential items that can only fit in one back pack. For me, the latter was one of the most challenging because I'm not a light packer haha but I will share to you how I packed for a backpacking trip and give you some travel tips!

1. It is best to start preparing you backpack after finalizing your travel itinerary so that you know what kind of clothes to bring, items to pack, and how many set of clothes you need to prepare. 

It's been a habit of ours to print a 1-paged back to back cheat sheet of all our travel details such as itinerary, flight schedules and airport, foreign exchange rates, address of hotels or Airbnb, subway map, even budget per day or country so you have everything in one document. This one pager will come in handy and will not consume your device's battery :) This is also our reason why we never availed those International Mobile Data because we've prepared everything and you'll never get lost even if your cellphone is dead. 
2. Invest in a durable and lightweight backpack such as Deuter (Not a sponsored post! I just love my Deuter bag! Super worth it!). We bought one Red Deuter Act Trail 28 SL and a Deuter 30 SL in Blue in R.O.X. Fort. These sizes can be hand-carried so you don't have to purchase additional baggage allowance and do not have to wait for your bags in the airport carousel which sometimes take forever!
3. When choosing your attire, keep in mind the weather and make sure that the clothes can be worn many times or is versatile. Since we're traveling to South East Asia, we chose light and cotton fabric because it can be very humid. No jeans because it's bulky and can already take up space and weight in your backpack. 

I packed the following inside my Backpack:
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