Sunday, January 1, 2017

Cozy Airbnb Places in Korea as low as Php1,400 per night

This was our 4th trip to Seoul but first time using Airbnb as we've always stayed in guesthouses near Myeongdong. After some research, we felt that Airbnb may be better value for money compared to guesthouse because of the price and the facilities as guesthouses are usually extremely small and need to share facilities with other guests (e.g. shared bathroom and kitchen).

On our December 2015 trip, we've stayed for 10 nights but in 3 different Airbnb accommodations because it was supposed to be a trip with my entire family with my boyfriend and I spending the first few days together before my family followed after a couple of days. 

1. Private room rental in Yongsan-gu for Php 1,380 per night (2 people)

Price: This was one of the cheapest accommodation in Airbnb that we found near Seoul station which is good for 2 people. The cost is half the price of getting a cheap guesthouse in Myeondong for 2 people.

Location: The place is situated near Seoul Station which is a great location since it's a couple of stations away from popular tourist spots such as Myeongdong or Hongdae. However, the place is far from the station itself as it will require you to walk at least 20-25 minutes and it's also extremely uphill which was a huge struggle for us given we had to bring our luggage upon check-in and check-out. There is an alternative route by going through Sookmyung station and walking for about 10 minutes which we were not able to try. You also don't see a lot of taxis in the area.

Room: This is a private room but shared house with the owner who was very accommodating and accepted early check-in (2 hours before). All the basic facilities such as kitchen (although not convenient to use because of tight space), private bathroom, and internet was there. The room though is very small because it had a lot of furniture. 

Overall Review: This is a good option if you're a budget traveler since you'll get the same facilities and room compared to staying in a guesthouse but with half the price. The only downside is the location which is a bit far from the train station. 

Address: 6-4 Cheongpadong 2(i)-ga 102호, Yongsan-gu, Seoul 140-132, South Korea

2. Full Apartment rental in Yongsan-gu for Php 6,030 per night (6 people) 

Price: This place is expensive because it is intended for 6 people. It is actually not that expensive if you divide the cost among 6 people but some of our travel companion backed out and still paid their share so we only paid Php 1,000 each for 3 people per night instead of Php 2,000 per night if we divided among ourselves.

Location: The place is right across Seoul Station where you need to cross the street and walk for 5 mins to reach the place. This enabled us to buy groceries in nearby Lotte Mart and cook some of our meals in the place.

Room: This is a full two bedroom apartment with complete facilities (internet, washing machine, kitchen, and bathroom). The rooms are quite big but there are only 2 beds so others will need to sleep on the floor using a mattress they provide. There is also a dining area and the kitchen had all the necessary utensils and tools for us to cook a full course meal (including a ref!). 

Overall Review: This is highly recommended! The host is extremely responsive and accommodating. The location is extremely near Seoul Station and the price is not that expensive if you'll be sharing with 6 people. However, this will be too expensive if you're staying with 2-3 people only. 
Address: 101 ho, 222-3 Seogye-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

3. Studio apartment in Yongsan-gu for Php 1,860 per night (3 people) 

Price: This was the cheapest option in terms of price per person given the accommodation cost only Php 1,860 per night but is good for 3 people.  

Location: The place is situated near Seoul Station as well but similar to our first accommodation, it is a bit farther from the station and nearer Sookmyung station. An alternative option is to take the bus from Seoul Station and alight near the house and walk for about 5 mins. 

Room: This is a private studio apartment without any rooms but was big enough to fit 3 people. There is only 1 bed though and 1 mattress so 2 people need to share 1 single bed. This also had all the necessary facilities (internet, TV, kitchen with ref, private bathroom). It also was definitely the coziest due to it's decoration (with "fake" brick walls as wallpapers.haha).

Overall Review: This is definitely a good option even if you're only 2 people as the space is big and extremely cozy inside. The price if you divide by 2 is still relatively cheaper at round Php 900 per night per person. The only downside similar to the first place is the location as it's quite far from Seoul station but once you figure out the bus route from the station going to this place, it will be easier to travel to.
Address: 89-92 Cheongpadong 1(il)-ga B03, Yongsan-gu, Seoul 140-131, South KoreaPhotobucket


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