Sunday, October 30, 2016

Winter Activities at Children's Grand Park, Korea

Growing up in a country where there is no snow, we maximized every opportunity we can get to play in snow to bring out the kid inside us! In our winter trip to Korea last December 2015, we visited the Children's Grand Park to try sledding with the Korean kids!haha
How to get there?
Ride the subway and alight at Children's Grand Park at line 7.
Take Exit #2 and follow the route below.
Walk around 5-10 mins until you see the sign below on your left which states (Children's Playground).
This is the entrance going to the Children's park. The park is open all year round but they only have winter activities (e.g. snow sledding) during November to March and is open from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM. 
Follow this sign below and go to the ticketing center.
Pay the entrance fee of 10,000 KWN or 400 PHP.
Once you enter the park, you'll see a small theme park which looks like a playground. We actually expected much more but from the name itself, it's really a park for kids!
There were a lot of people gathered in this area catching small fishes which looked fun (since we had a similar experience in Taiwan catching shrimps!haha) and we decided to join them.
We bought tickets here which cost 5,000 KWN or 200 PHP. We bought 3 tickets for my boyfriend and sister, but later regretted it and felt that only one of us participating would be okay.haha
After paying the ticket, you'll be given an equipment to catch small fishes that looks like anchovies. They are extremely fast so it's difficult to catch them.
Guess who caught the most?haha
After catching the fishes, we actually gave them to a small kid there since there was no use for us to carry them back. But we realized after that there was a grilling station where you can grill the fish you caught for only 2,000 KWN or 80 PHP.haha
After the activities, you can enter the tent to take a break and buy snacks!
Although there was not much to do in the park, this was the highlight of our trip there. Tube sledding! It was extremely fun since the tube will travel very fast downhill! :)
You can also play with the snow but the quality of the snow was not very good. It felt very rough like ice in your freezer.

Overall - the park was not value for money for the entrance fee of 10,000 KWN and 400 PHP given that the park was very old and small. There was not much to do apart from the tube sledding. We'd recommend to skip this unless you'll be bringing your kids which can still be a fun activity for them since the bigger ski resorts will not have many activities for the small kids.


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