Sunday, October 30, 2016

Expenses: White Christmas in Korea

I've previously blogged about expenses in Korea during my first travel here and our multi-city (Seoul - Busan - Jeonju) travel here. You can check these out to get more tips and prepare for your travel budget. Here's the breakdown of my travel expense during our Christmas holiday in Korea last December 2015. 

Here's our ALL IN expenses (including airfare and taxes):
Here's our daily expenses without airfare/taxes/shopping:

What made it expensive?
  • We did not get any promo fare on our airfare since we decided to book for peak season during the December holidays. We got a good rate though from Jeju Air which was only 260 USD despite booking last minute compared to other airlines.
  • We went there to do Christmas shopping so we spent a lot on shopping!
  • We were not able to book the cheaper accommodation options since we started booking only late November and most of the cheap options were booked already.
Where did we spend less?
  • We spent less on entrance fees compared to our previous trips since we already visited amusement parks (Lotte world or Everland), palaces, or museums/shows which we've all done in the past.
  • We saved big time on Ski resort: booked day trip only, got 30% off on promotion from our credit card, and did not avail any rental of clothes except for basic equipment needed.
  • We bought groceries in Lotte Mart to cook for breakfast everyday and some dinners because of our airbnb place which had a kitchen.
  • We rarely ride taxi in all our trips and same goes here even if it was extremely cold.haha Only taxi ride was in Nami where there were limited options. 
Suggestion: Book flights and hotels early if you want to go to Korea on December to get better deals! The rest of the expenses will be the same in Korea even if you go in another month since it's not really considered "peak season" once you go there compared to other countries. Check for deals as well (e.g. Citibank promos, etc.) on entrance fees, events, shows, etc. which can offer significant discounts!



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