Sunday, June 26, 2016

Hong Kong Airbnb for only 433 Pesos!

I've been to Hong Kong several times already but usually I'm with my Family. This is the first time I went to Hong Kong with my boyfriend and the first time we've tried Airbnb in that country. Since Hong Kong is one of the tourist destination for Filipinos, I noticed that the hotel rates can be really pricey especially during peak season. Yes, there are also cheap hostel or guesthouse type of accommodations in Hong Kong that would range between P800-P1,000 but this rate is usually per person and per night. Despite the cheap price, we opted for an ultra-low budget for accommodation and that's the reason why we tried Airbnb because most listings in Airbnb is priced per room and per night already vs the per person of most hostels and guesthouse. 

I came across Calvin Yau's Hostel in Jordan MTR station which is located conveniently near Mong Kok, Tsim Sha Tsui, Causeway Bay, and Central. 

Our room is just P2,600 total for 3 nights and 4 days. When broken down per day, that's just P866.66 per night for two (2) people already! Since I share one room with my boyfriend, we divided the room cost into 2 and so we only paid P433.33 per person and per night!

Calvin's place is just 3 minutes away from Jordan MTR station. Jordan Station is located in the Tsuen Wan Line or the red line. It is very near Tsim Sha Tsui, Mong Kok, Causeway Bay, and Central. Most of the tourist spots can be seen in these areas that's why upon evaluation, we booked Calvin's place right away!


ADDRESS: Tai Koon Mansion (near Evergreen Hotel), No.42-52 WooSung Street, Jordan, Kowloon, (Jordan MTR exit A) 地址:九龍佐敦,吳松街42-52,大觀樓(萬年青酒店側), 佐敦地鐵站A出口

1. Ride the MTR and alight at Jordan station (Red line). Look for the exit sign and turn left. Turn left again and walk straight. You know it's time to take a left turn once you spot the Novotel Hotel on your right side. 
2. Turn left again. The next landmark would be the Western Union on your right. Walk straight.
3. Look for the Tai Koon Mansion building. It it right across Wing Fat Dispensary drugstore. 
4. Once you're there, the guard will have to get your names for registration. Show him the unit number so he can direct you to the right elevator. We rode elevator #2. It's quite scary just like the elevator scenes in asian horror movies haha!
This is the hallway. Scary right? but it's safe...promise! :)
5. Calvin's hostel is just beside the elevator. Upon checking-in, do not forget to contact Calvin via Airbnb private message to get important details like check-in/out time, address, contact number, hotel key arrangement, and wifi password!
This is the inside of Calvin's hostel! There are about 5 (I think!) rooms for Airbnb rental. You will have to share the common places like kitchen, sink, reception area, and bathroom with the other guests--much like dormitories.
Calvin is a very reliable host. Look at those messages from his guests all over the world! :)
There are maps and other tourist information on the reception area for everyone.
This is the kitchen area. Small but clean and functional. 
You can pay $6.00 HKD for water and soft drinks and this is based on honesty system! ;)
You may also bring your own food and drinks and just label what's yours so other guests will not eat or drink it unless you want to share it with them!
The bathroom is very very tiny but we really do not mind since we only use it 1-2x a day :) I am more particular with the cleanliness and HOT WATER haha :) Calvin pays someone to clean the hostel on a daily basis and we were fortunate enough to meet her once. Calvin's caretaker is very nice and friendly :) 
For those who are light packer, Calvin offers free shampoo and soap so no need to stash small bottles on your bag! You can save some space for shopping!
This is our room. It's also very tiny but I admit, the bed sheets and comforter are very cozy and soft! However, the walls are not noise free because we can hear our neighbors' movements and discussion especially at night haha! I suggest you bring some earplugs if you're a light sleeper.
Free toilet paper, towels, and tooth brush too!
Even though the room is tiny, we still have 1 small television set per room for entertainment :)
Overall, we are very satisfied with our Airbnb room in Hong Kong. We get what we paid for and it was a decent place to sleep in :) I recommend this place for solo travelers, 2-3 group of friends or couples who travel on a budget. I do not recommend this for big families with children because it would be too crowded and noisy for the other guests. 


  1. hi Tin!

    Do you have the number of the owner of this place? So we can book directly? Thank you so much!

  2. HI planning to apply visa for japan..but ask ko lang if i need to book all the air tickets and hotel bago mag apply? coz nakita ko sa form "Date arrival,Port of entry & Name of airline.. Ano po ba ang I.D No. issued to you by your goverment.

    1. No need to book air tickets and hotel before applying for a Japanese visa. They just need your sample itinerary to gauge whether you have the finances for the trip. So you can just pick any hotel, preferably cheap ones, and preferred dates of arrival and departure. And really, booking before applying is risky because if you get denied, then you forfeit the cost if your booking's non-refundable :)


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