Saturday, July 25, 2015

A Quick Side Trip to Ilocos Norte

Business trips are meant for business of course!...but if you have extra time, who says you can't maximize your stay and squeeze in some fun? Besides, majority of the working force aims to have that so called "Work-Life Balance" ;) 

In my line of work, one of the perks is to travel around the Philippines. Yes, on some weekends, I am usually at work but it's fine with me as long as I get to  satisfy my "traveling needs" haha :) 

My first stop was in Illocos Norte. My mom who is already a senior citizen excitedly accompanied me to work because she said she wanted to watch over me but, we all know it's just an alibi hahah. Clearly, my mom is also a jet-setter :)

When in Ilocos Norte, you can do the following (in no particular order):

1. Visit Ferdinand Marcos' House Museum and Mausoleum in Batac City
Our starting point is in Laoag and going to Batac is just a 25-30 minutes drive. The Marcos Museum is the house of former president Ferdinand Marcos in Batac City. It is also where his preserved body is located. Some people believe the body is real but some thinks its just a wax. Photos are not allowed inside the Mausoleum so see for yourself and be the judge.

Viewing Hours (Mausoleum): Daily from 9am to 12nn and 1pm to 4pm. FREE of charge!
Museum Hours: 9am to 4pm
Fee: Php 50
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