Friday, June 5, 2015

Shanghai Airbnb Room for only Php 225 a night

When we discovered Airbnb sometime in October 2014 during our trip to Japan, we were hesitant to try shared accommodation with a host or another guest because we were slightly paranoid with the safety of our belongings..and not our safety haha, kidding! But because we're after adventure and cheap travel cost, we gave Airbnb a try and we were glad we tried it and we've not stopped using Airbnb ever since that experience.

It all started in Osaka, Japan where we rented about Php 400 per person/night. Then in Beijing, China for Php 785 per person/night which was a bit more expensive but we were particular with the location and the type of room as we selected private room but shared apartment. For our third time using Airbnb, we book a shared house but private room in Shanghai, China and guess what... we only paid a  Php 225 per person/night!!! 

a) Most listings in Airbnb are priced per day and some are priced per person. But in most cases the rooms are priced per room per day and since I always travel with my boyfriend, costs under accommodation is divided into 2 :)
b) Prices of Airbnb listings may change without prior notice.

Our host named Jacob, was very accommodating even prior to our trip to Shanghai. We booked his listing not only because of the price and location but also because of the positive reviews from his previous guests. 

Whenever we book through Airbnb we always consider these 3 things: PLT or Price, Location, and Type of room.

One night in this room costs Php 450 since it's a shared house with other guests and the host. So we paid total of Php 900 for two nights and we split the cost into two. 

Location is about 1 hour away from the main city (where the Bund is) but it wasn't an issue for us since we start our itinerary very early and go back home very late. Shanghai also has good transportation system so it wasn't difficult to travel from the accommodation to the tourist destinations in Shanghai.

How to get there?
1. Ride the MRT and alight at Jiangyue Road station, Metro Line 8.
2. Exit to your right and you will see the photo below. Cross the street and walk straight for about 10 mins.
First landmark would be the Lotus supermarket to your right along Jiangyue Road.
Just keep walking straight. You'll know you're near the place once you've crossed Pushen Road (see photo below). 
You've finally reached your destination as you see these buildings on your right side. You can  enter from this gate but it will require you a digital coin key to open the gate which we did not have so we tail gated with another tenant haha :) But if there is no one there to tail gate, then go to the main gate.
To go to main gate, keep walking straight then turn right at the first corner. You will see a convenient store immediately to your right.
Enter from this gate! Jacob's apartment is nearer from this gate than the first one.
Look for building No. 36 and go up the elevator. 
Note that you need to arrange your meeting place and schedule with your host. Make sure to have roaming call or wifi as when we arrived at his house, he was sleeping so we had to call him for 10 mins for him to open the door.
This is the living room...
...the Dining area and kitchen :)
You are free to use the kitchen in case you want to cook something or heat your food.
The bathroom is equipped with hot and cold shower :) Space is just right but it needs daily cleaning because when we stayed there, there are 3 other boys living in the apartment so no one really cleans every after use except me! haha :)
This is our private room! We chose private room so we can have our own personal space (you'll also have a key to your room). We still felt like staying in a hostel because we didn't really go out and mingled with the other guests (although it's really up to you if you want!).The first time we tried Airbnb in Japan, we shared a small room with the host and I personally felt awkward haha so we decided to go for private rooms in future travels.
Nice view from the room :)
Overall, we were very happy with our stay in Jacob's apartment as it was good value for money and the host was very accommodating. I highly recommend his place to other people who are looking for the following criteria: 

  • Very cheap rates (cheapest we saw!)
  • Private room good for 2-3 adults
  • If you're okay to stay in Jiangyue area in Shanghai (1 hour travel time)
  • f you want to meet new friends :)
  • f sharing a place with other guests doesn't bother you (e.g. bathroom, dining area, and kitchen)


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