Friday, January 23, 2015

Baguio 2015 SDE

Baguio brings so much childhood memories and it is our home away from home :) My family and I would always go to Baguio during Holy Week or whenever there's a long weekend and we always do the same thing--visit the tourist spots, go church hoping, eat in famous Baguio restaurants, go to the market to buy loads of vegetables and fruits, and invade the thrift shop or "ukay-ukay". 

This year, instead of doing the usual things, we decided to go ghost haunting haha! We went to 2 notorious ghost houses in the Philippines (according to my brother)--The Laperal Mansion (now owned by Lucio Tan and is open to the public with Php 50 entrance fee) and The Diplomat Hotel (Free entrance fee). I'm still thinking if I will write a blog post about the Laperal Mansion because we suspected some ghosts in our photos YIKESSS!!! :O But I might chicken out hahaha :) 

For now, I'm sharing our Baguio 2015 SDE with my loves :) 

Watch it here ENJOY! >> click here << 

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