Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Shibuya Night Life and Fantasy

Shibuya is probably one of the most recognizable location in Tokyo. You can see the Shibuya crossing in a lot of blockbuster Hollywood movies that showcase Japan (Fast and the Future Tokyo Drift ring a bell?). But Shibuya crossing is actually not the most famous sight there, it is actually a dog named Hachiko -who is a famous public figure in Japan because of its famous tale on his remarkable loyalty to his owner even after many years since his death.
We were able to meet our "local" friend JC along with his girlfriend who is my best friend, Clerbear-san (haha!!) and was able to experience night life in Japan. 
As you can see, Cosplay (Costume Play) is huge business in Japan! We were able to visit during Halloween Weekend, and the sight was simply incredible. Almost everywhere you look, you see groups of people in costumes and a lot of people taking pictures with them. You also see people doing free make-up and a lot of costume shops as well in the street. We took advantage of this unique opportunity and took a lot of pictures with them which is something we won't normally do in Manila.haha If you are a fan of Cosplay, this will be heaven for you!

Steady Stroll around Odaiba, Roppongi, and Tokyo Tower

Our Japan trip was so fast paced with so many activities jam packed in less than a week. We managed to visit 4 cities--Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, and Tokyo which is why we were always tired and sleep deprived everyday! But it was our choice to travel that way because we wanted to make the most out of our trip. But on our last day in Tokyo, we've finally decided to take it slow. We spent our last day just strolling in Odaiba and Roppongi area. In Odaiba alone, you can spend the whole day visiting so many interesting places! Too bad we weren't able to do that because we ran out of time going gaga over Outlet stores haha. 

Odaiba is an artificial man-made island and it was used as a defense fort to protect Tokyo City from sea invasions. Today, it is considered as one of Tokyo's most visited tourist destination and personally, I recommend the place for families, couples, and even group of friends because the entire area generally is relaxing and entertaining at the same time. 

How to get there?
1. Ride the MRT to Shimbashi station (Asakusa Line) and transfer to Yurikamome line. This is one of the newest MRT station in Tokyo. 
2. You can alight at several location as Odaiba. We alighted at Daiba Station and walked towards the other stations. I recommend you downloading a map first before going there to select which station you will go to.

Places to check out:

1. Gundam Front Tokyo- Not really a Gundam fan but it is a must to visit if you're in Odaiba and take a photo in front of the gigantic full scale 18m Gundam figure. There's a  Gundam museum found on the top floor of the mall and there's an entrance fee of about 1,000 yen and there's also a Gundam Cafe/store on the ground floor near the Gundam figure. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Baguio 2015 SDE

Baguio brings so much childhood memories and it is our home away from home :) My family and I would always go to Baguio during Holy Week or whenever there's a long weekend and we always do the same thing--visit the tourist spots, go church hoping, eat in famous Baguio restaurants, go to the market to buy loads of vegetables and fruits, and invade the thrift shop or "ukay-ukay". 

This year, instead of doing the usual things, we decided to go ghost haunting haha! We went to 2 notorious ghost houses in the Philippines (according to my brother)--The Laperal Mansion (now owned by Lucio Tan and is open to the public with Php 50 entrance fee) and The Diplomat Hotel (Free entrance fee). I'm still thinking if I will write a blog post about the Laperal Mansion because we suspected some ghosts in our photos YIKESSS!!! :O But I might chicken out hahaha :) 

For now, I'm sharing our Baguio 2015 SDE with my loves :) 

Watch it here ENJOY! >> click here << 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Practical tips to make 2015 the Year of Travel

New Year is all about change and it's my second favorite holiday next to Christmas because almost everyone feels refreshed, energized, and renewed after January 1. 

The magical feeling of having second chances, correcting mistakes or unpleasant routines/behaviors and to start something new is very evident especially in social media, news, magazines, and the internet. Articles or posts about New Year's Resolutions, 5 things you need for that post-holiday detox, 10 abs exercises for a fitter you, where to invest your money, how to save for an early retirement, or what auspicious color, month, or symbol to use in the Year of the Sheep in Fengshui--these topics are all over my Facebook feed and as I reflect on my personal goals for 2015, travel remains on top of my yearly list.

However, there are "2 universal truths" about traveling according to most people:

1. It is almost always part of their bucket list because traveling is a life goal and it produces so much positive emotions like feeling of freedom, accomplishment, relaxation, and happiness.
2. It is expensive therefore the usual scenario for this "truth" is that people work hard to save for future travels (note: the operant word is FUTURE travels), retire, then travel! BUT people usually travel when they're already very old or when their knees or backs are already weak and can't last a day strolling around a foreign city.  

The latter is one of the greatest myths about traveling. Traveling is not that expensive! it can be affordable if you want it to be. 

3 years ago when I created this blog, my long time boyfriend and I explicitly decided to travel to a different country at least once every year because at that time, I was experiencing an "early" quarter life crisis. But 3 years years later, we've been to almost a dozen of countries averaging 3-4 countries in one year despite not earning a lot in our early professional years. So how did we do it? Here are some tips we've experienced in 3 years worth of travel (in no particular order):

Practical Tips to make 2015 the Year of Travel:

1. Patience is a virtue. The airline industry is very competitive and so many seat sales are being offered frequently especially by Cebu Pacific, Air Asia Philippines, and even by Philippine airlines so WAIT FOR A PROMO FARE BECAUSE IT WILL DRASTICALLY REDUCE YOUR TOTAL EXPENSE! Imagine, we were able to book the following before and the cost is the net amount and 2 way ticket already per person!

Php 900 ticket to Taiwan
Php 1,500 ticket to Shanghai
Php 1,900 ticket to Korea

2. Research. Research. Research. You need extensive research to be able to maximize your travel. You don't want to waste your precious time on things that will not add value to you such as commuting time. Researching will also help you plan everything including cost, time, and how many days you need while making sure you achieve your goals in travelling to a particular location. There are numerous blog reviews in the internet that will help you decide if the place or activity is worth it or not. In my blog, I review the places we visited, the accommodationfoodexpenses, and itineraries.

Disneyland Japan: Where Dreams Come True

Our Japan itinerary of course had to include a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth. Disneyland is considered one of the most popular and most visited tourist destination around the world. In Asia, Hongkong Disneyland is probably more popular given that it's easier to go to Hongkong and more affordable, but what's unique in Japan is that they have a Disneyland and a DisneySea which is the only one in the world!

We had a lot of discussion with each other  on whether to go to Disneyland or DisneySea but we eventually chose Disneyland due to several reasons: a.) we haven't been to Disneyland before, b.) Disneysea is more popular for kids since it has more shows vs. rides, c.) our friend said that the shows are all in Japanese so you won't understand it.haha :) If you have time though, you can visit both resorts but you'll need 2 full days to visit both of them. But if you choose Disneyland only, here's a full guide to what to do and tips in visiting Tokyo Disneyland.

How to Get There?
Take the subway and alight at JR Maihama Station. The station is near Tokyo Station. Once alighting, you have the option to walk to the main gate or ride the monorail. But you need the walk if you're going to Disneyland. Just follow the hoard of people but it's very easy to spot the entrance of Disneyland from the station.

FAQ and Contacts


When I ask people what they want to do in their life they would always say to travel the world, but most often than not they fail to pursue their happiness or dreams because of excuses and fears. Usually, the norm is to study hard, work hard for half of your life, retire, then travel the world. I say, we only have one life so we have to make it worthwhile.

Some people travel for their goals, some travel to escape the stressful life, but some travel for learning and experience. These are also my reasons but my biggest WHY is to inspire people to dream big, purse their dreams and travel while they are young. 
According to an inspirational writer, Jeff Goins, “your youth is a time of total empowerment and during early adulthood, your worldview is still being formed. It’s important to steward this time — to give yourself opportunities to grow. A good way to do that is to travel”.

Travel while you’re at the peak of your good health.

Travel while you still have reasonable control over the things you have right now.

Travel to experience freedom, independence, and happiness.

Travel to gain insight and re-apply it to your everyday life.

Travel to have a sense of how the world works by seeing it for yourself.

Travel like a boss.

What/who inspired me to travel?

My travel-spiration is my friend from the graduate school in DLSU Marketing. She was my first groupmate on my first day of school and her name is Cyreen Bautista. She's a very good friend, artistic, and go getter type of person. She inspired me to travel at least once a year because I felt her happiness while she was sharing her travel experiences. Go check my blog post dedicated to my dear friend here.

Why Tinco was here?

Tinco was here is my way of imprinting and tracking my travels from one location to another. It’s like the old school woodcarving or vandalism but instead, I leave my mark or seal of experience virtually :).

What do you blog about?

I share about my local and international travels.

I share my itineraries, my budget, and directions.

I share how I save up for my travel fund.

I share my personal tips or travel hacks to manage your expenses and how to conquer tourist visa applications based on my personal experiences.

I share about the food, travel gadgets, and everything about traveling! 

Hopefully, through this blog, I will be able to encourage and inspire more people to travel often because collecting memories are more important than material things and because YOU CAN TRAVEL ON A BUDGET IF YOU REALLY WANT TO! :)

Contact Me!

If you want to collaborate with me, use my photographs, or you want me to write a review about your product or service related to travel and adventure then please feel free to drop me an email at :)


About TinCo

Hi! I’m Kristine Co-Kim from the Philippines and people call me Tin or TinCo

Never stop learning.
In college, I took up BS-Educational Psychology in DLSU and then right after graduation, I took MS-Marketing for masters and FINALLY graduated last June 2016 (YEEEEY!) after battling my love-hate relationship of being a part-time student (I hate early morning Saturday classes). 

Life in a nutshell.
I worked in a multinational company as a Marketer for many years and then recently took a leap of faith to pursue my Passion Project/s :) I am now married to my long time partner last March 2018 and we're still exploring and conquering the world together one country at a time :)

Blog backstory.
I started blogging in 2012 when I turned 23 and felt that I experienced my “early” quarter-life crisis.

Do you know the feeling when all of a sudden your current life became pointless and that you don’t know where to start or what to do now? I felt the same. And my newfound love for traveling and blogging was born out of this circumstance.

Right now, I am enjoying my 20-something exploration slash "adulting" stage in my life. I try my best to embrace and initiate change and try my very best to do all the things I want to do in life—to TRAVEL…A LOT! :)

I have had all kinds of crazy adventures during my trips. I met a lot of cool people along the way, tasted authentic food and drinks, saw breath-taking views, and became addicted to the feeling of travelling over and over again. These are precisely my reasons why I love travelling and I’d like to share to you my thoughts and experiences through this blog.
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