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Asakusa Hostel Toukaisou, Tokyo

During our trip to Japan, we went to 4 different area and our last stop was Tokyo.We stayed in a hostel called Asakusa Ryokan Toukaisou. It is located in Asakusa area known as the heart of old downtown (Shitamachi) Tokyo. It is an area reminiscent of traditional Japan which is quite rare now in modern-day Tokyo. 

Asakusa Ryokan Toukaisou's rates are very affordable and it's in a convenient location. These two factors are most important for us whenever we travel on a budget since it allows us to  save money and visit many places in the shortest time possible.

We booked via for only 2,900 yen per night per person (I think booking directly to their website is much cheaper versus booking via booking sites). The hostel offers a lot of room options from single private, twin bunk beds, double room and even dormitory rooms. We chose the cheapest option which is for 2 people dormitory room/ Twin Private. We didn't have a private bathroom in our room but it didn't really bother us because the bathroom, common lounge area, and everything else are really squeaky clean and cozy! Also, we rarely see guests using it (since we leave the hostel very early and come home late) so we didn't encounter any problems when it comes to privacy.
How to get there? Getting there is very easy and here's how:

1. Alight at Tawaramachi station in Ginza Line.
2. Exit at number 3.
3. Walk straight upon exit for 5 blocks. It will only take you about 5 minutes walking time. You will pass by several restaurants on your left such as the "Sushi-Ichiban 24 hour sushi restaurant, "Gyu-Kaku", "Saray Kebab", "Denny's", "7-11" and then the "ROX" building on your right or other side of the main street. 
4. You need to turn left at this corner (take the small street between the sushi restaurant and the kebab shop) and then make a right turn on the second block (you will see a small shrine on the first block).
5. You will find the hostel on the left side of the street (next to a parking lot) with a white signboard on the building.
There are 4 levels in this hostel. To check in, you need to go to the right door/building ground level first and the receptionist will assist you for your check-in. We stayed on the left side of the building, 3rd floor because we stayed in the shared bathroom dormitory. 

The reception is open daily for 8:00 am to 11:00 pm. The staff speak very good English and their website is very informative and accurate. For FAQ, do visit their website here.
Asakusa Hostel is accessible to the following tourist spots:
Five-storied Pagoda
Kaminarimon Gate
Kappabashi Kitchenware Town
Sumida Park
Tsukiji Fish Market (24 mins.)
Tokyo Tower (37 mins.)
Tokyo Sky Tree (20 mins).
Roppongi (33 mins.)
Akihabara (15 mins.)
Disneyland (50 mins.)
This is our room! They have very cozy and fluffy comforters so I always look forward going home after a tiring day! :) There's an extra bed too which fits another 2 people and each bed can fit around people so in this tiny room, there can be 5-6 people fitting in the room. However I don't think the hostel allow more than 2 people unless you pay additional fee. You may ask via email if they can accommodate that request.
This is the common area or lounge area. They have television, free wifi in the entire building and free computer for those who did not bring their laptops. You may mingle with other guests here and make friends :)
Some tourist information, maps, and tips about the cheapest Karaoke place haha and Tsuikiji Market Auction are all posted on their bulletin board as well. You can also provide some tips if you want and a note for all other guests.
The kitchen does not have any stove but there are kitchen utensils and appliances for everyone's use. There's rice cooker, microwave, coffee maker, freezer, refrigerator, and plates.
What I love about the kitchen is the friendly and youth vibe! Guests are encouraged to "donate" or "share" your food or drinks and I appreciate it very much because the guests really respect other people's food/belongings. If you want to store your food/drinks, you need to write your name otherwise, it will be tagged as "FREE FOR ALL" :).
This is the common bathroom. It's clean and cozy :) There are 2 toilets and 2 shower area with sliding doors.
FREE BOX again!!! :) So nice that this hostel is very tourist friendly.
I highly recommend Asakusa Hostel Toukaisou if you're staying in Tokyo. My boyfriend and I really enjoyed staying here and we had an excellent experience in this hostel :) The only downside is that it's a bit far from the shopping areas and night life as it is in the opposite end of the subway station. But if ever we need to go back to Tokyo, we will definitely stay in Asakusa Hostel again!

Address: 2丁目-16-12 Nishiasakusa, Taito, Tokyo 111-0035, Japan
Phone No.: +81 3-3844-5618


  1. Hello TinCo, I'm a huge fan of your blog! I will be in Tokyo on October 2015 and planning to stay in this hostel also (because you recommended it :) ) I just want to ask do you know a way on how to get here from Narita International Airport and vice versa?

    1. Hahaha thankssss for taking time to read me blog posts! :) really appreciate it!
      Regarding your question, I'm sorry I haven't researched on that route because when we arrived Japan, we arrived at Kansai airport (Osaka) and not Narita :(

    2. Hi, we will be staying in this hostel also this October. we are going to take the Keisei Honsen Express Train from Narita Airport go down to UENO Sta. and then subway from UENO Station to Tawaramachi Sta. you can follow Tin Co's step by step ways on how to get to the hostel from Tawaramachi Station Exit No.3. Hope this helps!


  2. Hi Tinco,
    did you purchase the JR pass to travel around Japan?

    Thanks :)

    1. Hi Emilia, nope we didn't buy the JR pass. We just rode ordinary MRT and when we went to Tokyo we didn't rode the bullet train either just a night sleeper bus :)

  3. Hi Tinco,

    May I know what's the different between JR Pass and ordinary MRT ??
    and how can we buy it ??
    I'm just a little bit confuse for the train in Japan as there're so many kinds of train in Japan


    1. Hi Evans, there are two different train rails in Japan (athough both are interconnected). There is the JR Rail and the regular one. The tickets for each railway is different and for JR Rail, you have the option to get the JR Pass which is an unlimited ride for all trains traveling in JR Rail. The bullet trains also operate through JR so if you plan to visit multiple cities in Japan, you can get JR Pass but it's very expensive. If you plan to stay in 1 or 2 cities, it's not worth getting JR Pass. To get the JR Pass, you can check travel agencies in your country and you can buy it prior to going to Japan. But if you will not get it, you can just buy tickets at the train station which is what we did as it is very efficient in Japan.

  4. Hi Tinco :D
    i got read your blog recently
    can i ask a question?
    how about to get a passport and tourist visa if you're a student but not anymore because you stop this 2nd sememester and recently get a job from a bakery shop?


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