Friday, November 7, 2014

Unlimited City Bus in Kyoto for Temple Hopping

When you want to get the most of your Kyoto day tour or temple hoping, it is best to avail the Unlimited (1 day) City Bus for only Php 200 or 500 yen. We went temple hopping (around 5) with this bus pass with a lot of walking! Click here to know the places we visited. If you decide not to get an unlimited bus pass, each bus ride will cost you Php 100 or 230 Yen for adults and 120 yen for kids (flat rate), and you'll be riding buses more than 10 times if you want to go around the city.
How and where to buy the City Bus in Kyoto?

First go to Kyoto Station and exit at No. 6. You will be able to see signs of the City Bus ticket in the ticketing booth or you can approach anyone in case you couldn't find it.

Go up and you will be able to see the photo below on your right. 
Walk straight to go to the bus station. There will be long lines as tourists and even locals would maximize this city bus access.
 You may also purchase your City Bus tickets via vending machine or ticket machine located beside the bus station.
Our first destination in Kyoto using the City Bus is the Kiyomizu-dera Temple so we rode bus no. 100. Most of the tourist destinations nearby can be reached through bus 100. But once you reach Ginkakuji Temple, you need to transfer to other bus lines.
Upon researching, I found this information (see photo below). I think the stations listed are the major bus stops or terminal where tickets can be bought. We went to Kyoto station just to be sure ;)

When riding the bus, it best to know the process of paying. Here's a photo of how the City bus looks like.

You need to enter the bus from the back door and exit at the front. The bus fare is paid as you get off the bus. Pay attention and listen to the next destination or bus stops. They also have TV boards that flashes the next destination and corresponding temples nearby each station and you don't need to worry since it has English translation ;)

For more details regarding the City Bus visit this site.

Details of a bus  


  1. Thank you for sharing this! My brothers and I are set to visit Japan next month - pretty stoked! Following a lot of your tips :)

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  3. Woah, that sure is a lot of people! Anyway, thanks for this very informative post ;)

  4. Hi Tin.. Your post is really helpfull! We will be travelling to japan this March with my wife.. i just want to ask how did u go from osaka to kyoto and narra? How much was the cost of your transpo? And is there also unlimited pass in osaka and tokyo like the one you metioned in kyoto aside from the jR Pass?

    Thank you and keep posting! ❤️

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