Friday, November 7, 2014

Taiwan Excellence, Excellent Taiwan!

This week, I suddenly missed the smell of peppered chops and the taste of milk tea because I was reminiscing my awesome food trip in Shilin Market last year. So I've decided to walk all the way to Landmark during office hours (oopss!) just to satisfy my craving. While walking near the entrance of Landmark Makati footbridge, I saw  ad about Taiwan Excellence campaign in the Philippines. In my mind I was like "Wow talk about Taiwan! it's a sign!" so I went on to purchase my milk tea and on the side got curious about what Taiwan Excellence is all about. Being a nerdy marketing student, I searched about it on the internet and this is what I have found out.

Taiwan Excellence campaign is about awarding and promoting top quality Taiwanese brands to Filipino consumers. It started out 22 years ago to raise Taiwan's international competitiveness by supporting its local brands. This campaign recognizes the excellent and superior Taiwan brands based on different factors such as R&D, design, quality, and marketing efforts to various categories like IT, fashion, sports, transportation etc. The brands undergo a rigorous evaluation and among the selected products, the judges will award only top 10 Gold awards and the remaining finalist will be given the Silver award. 

All Taiwan brands are eligible to join this campaign because it is considered as a prestigious award giving body as it provides "seal of quality" to the brands. The seal of quality becomes relevant to consumers especially for Filipinos because we are all after the assurance of high quality in products we buy everyday. In Filipino we call this "panatag ang loob" or peace of mind because you know you made a good buy. Personally, if I see seals or certification of quality, I automatically associate it as a good brand.

The Taiwan Excellence campaign this year is bringing more than 56 top quality brands in the country. Does Acer, Asus, or BenQ brands ring a bell? :) It sure does to me because I have positive experiences about these brands already and I assure you that these are really excellent and competitive products! 

I remember saving my allowance when I was in college because I wanted to buy my very own first laptop as a graduation gift to myself. I bought an Acer laptop in 2007 and would you believe that I am still using it up to now? after 7 loooong years my Acer laptop is still alive! haha talk about high quality and long-lasting technology! So since then, I am sold about Taiwan brands and its quality is unquestionable.

To know more about Taiwan Excellence Campaign check out the following sites:


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