Saturday, November 15, 2014

Met New Deer Friends in Nara, Japan

Christmas came early for me when I met "Rudolf" the red nose reindeer in Nara, Japan hahaha just kidding. My boyfriend Wooj and I met thousands of Sika Deers in Nara Park and I can say that it was one of my favorite places in Japan!!! :) Waaa I want to go back and feed the hungry deers!

Nara Park is home to one of Japan's famous temple, Todaiji Temple, where it houses the world's largest wooden building and largest bronze Buddha statue. We didn't get in all the temples in the area BUT it is one of the things we regret because temples in Nara are nice--as I see it in photographs. Well...maybe next time!

We spent half of our day playing with the Sika deers freely roaming around the entire Nara Park. I've never seen so many deers in my life as in close encounter haha. I suggest if you have time, allot a day in Nara because there's so much to see--deers, nature, culture, and temples. It's easy to go to Nara as well and here's how...
How to get there?

From Namba Station in Osaka, ride Kintetsu Line and alight at Kintentsu Nara station. I recommend you ride the rapid express train because it will skip a lot of station hence you can get there really fast. Nara station is the last station of the line.

Exit at number 1 or 2.
When you exit, you will be able to see this (see photo below). 
From here, you just need to go straight and walk for about 5 minutes. The road going to Nara Park will be a little uphill (reminds me of session road in Baguio! haha). You'll know that you're there when you see the World Heritage Kofuku-Ji Temple on your right...that will be the start of your Deer encounter! :) Be prepared to be amazed haha.
Walk around the park and look for Nara Park maps scattered all over the area. This can serve as your guide on where to go because Nara is huge! There are several temples on which you can pass by just like the photo below, which is the Five Story Pagoda, a National Treasure of Japan. I saw a nice and informative blog about Nara check the other temples here.
Sika Deers in Nara are considered sacred. You can see a lot of signs to respect them and watch out as they cross the street.
 Here's a deer just chill'n :) Reminds me one of the scenes in Twilight the movie haha.
Nara Park is such a relaxed and a breather of fresh air location. Perfect for an afternoon stroll, afternoon nap, afternoon painting session....
or afternoon lovey-dubby smelly smelly hahaha :) yucccck cheesy!
To feed the deers, buy food which costs 150 yen or Php 75. These deer crackers are made especially for them. Word of caution, BE CAREFUL WHEN FEEDING THEM AS THEY CAN GET VERY VERY AGGRESSIVE AND DEMANDING! They even bit my butt and jacket :)) but it's not painful (think of a puppy nibbling on your fingers).
We saw a foreigner wearing skirt and one deer pulled it up! hahaha so funny! :)
Deers keep on begging for MORE FOOD! and look at my terrified reaction :O
When we didn't give some...the deer ate our map instead! :O hahaha
I really love Nara because of its "chill and relaxed" atmosphere. I especially love the autumn trees <3 I think it's also nice when it's snowing or during spring :)

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  1. The deer ate the map omg i'm crying :D:D:D
    Tin, thanks for your blog! Currently doing my Japan itinerary, we'll be leaving in 10 days! I'm basically using your Japan series as reference lol.

    I just did my Europe and other travel posts! I hope they are as helpful as yours! :D


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