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Ichiran Ramen: Focus on your food

Have you tasted the best ramen in Japan? I did! and I can say that this ramen is THE BEST RAMEN IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!!! Well....for me haha. I can eat this everyday!!! hahaha it's called Ichiran Ramen.

Ichiran Ramen is a classic Tonkostsu Ramen from 1960s. They say that the original red sauce of ramen was born in Ichiran. Well, I don't know what that meant but to me it's heaven in a bowl...PROMISE! :)

I'm really a fan of ramen. In the Philippines, there was a time that we ate in different ramen places almost every weekends. In Manila, the best ramen for me was Ippudo which also originated in Japan. We waited for 1.5 hours in line during its opening in Megamall, Oritgas and what I tasted was already divine!!! BUT, Ichiran Ramen is even yummier!

In Japan, I noticed that people are fond of falling in line. They are always curious and willing to wait for hours just to eat in famous restaurants!!! One time, we waited for 5 loooong hours just to eat at Sushi Dai in Tsukiji Market (will blog about it soon!) but in Ichiran Ramen's case, we were lucky there was no line at all in Umeda branch (usually it has long queue and waiting time will range from 30 mins -1 hour or more).
Ichiran Ramen has this philosophy that you need to concentrate on the taste of your Tonkotsu Ramen. There should be no distractions, no talking, no observing other people...just focus on your food and taste the difference! It is the main reason why the restaurant's table set up is not your typical layout. Guests are seated in individual chairs with individual windows and condiments. Think, LIBRARY! :) and the best part is that it's open 24/7!!! If Ichiran Ramen opens in the Philippines... you now know where to head to after party ;)

Ichiran Ramen can be found in 14 areas in Japan. Check out the different branches here. We tried it first in Osaka specifically the Umeda branch. 

NOTE: A branch opened in Hong Kong last year in Causway Bay. For Filipinos, Hong Kong is very accessible and you can try it there instead.

Here's how to get there:
Ride the subway to Umeda Station. Note that there are several Umeda Stations because the regular and JR line intersects in this station. You can alight at any station but look for the HEP 5 Building with this very big ferris wheel. Walk towards that direction.
 Go to the front/ entrance side (see photo below). Then walk straight.
When you reach the intersection, you will see this on your left from the Hankyu E. street.
 Cross the intersection going to the sign E street (chrome).
Go inside E Street then walk straight. You will need to cross another intersection but keep walking straight up to the last "chrome". Chrome is like a term for shopping and restaurant strip section. When you reach almost the end of the strip, you will see Ichiran on your right side.
Ichiran Ramen has a specific system of ordering your food. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Buy your meal tickets. Regular Ramen cost 790 Yen but you can pay extra for add ons below. We ordered the regular Ramen and Soft boiled egg (120 Yen).
 Step 2: Find a vacant seat or wait for the attendant to escort you to your (isolated) table.
Step 3: Customize your Ramen. Ask for an English menu and encircle your preferred thickness of onions, option to include pork or not (no extra charge unless you want additional), softness of your noodles etc.
 Step 4: Press the button in front of you to call the staff and give your order form. Serving will take only less than 5 mins!
 Step 5: Devour your ramen and concentrate on the taste! :)
Heaven in a bowl <3

Ichiran Ramen, Umeda
Address: 3-13 Doyamacho Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu 530-0027
Capacity: 23 seater


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  1. I do agree!!!! i've just been there! :D Ichiran ramen is indeed the best ramen ther is... :D


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