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24 Guesthouse For Tourists in Busan

Busan is Korea's second largest city next to Seoul. It is the country's main port for international cargo as well as passenger ferries to Jeju Island and JAPAN! In the Philippines via Cebu Pacific airline, there's a direct flight going to Busan soooo (just a tip), it means you have the option to visit multi-city in Korea, maximize your itinerary, and go to its neighboring country, to the land of the rising sun... JAPAN! :) 

Busan is famous for its seafood and beaches as well as the Buddhist Temples. It is also famous for its night life near the ocean. Youngsters often go to the "3 -daes" of Busan which is Taejongdae, Pusandae, and Haeundae area. The latter is the place we stayed because we wanted to be very near the beach (as in walking distance) and near the bus terminal so it's accessible going back to Seoul. In Busan, we stayed at this very new and cute place called 24 Guesthouse in Busan.
We booked our place via and at that time because their official website is in Korean language only but as always, or even are legit websites so nothing to worry. These are highly secured accommodation websites.

How to get there?

Going to the guesthouse is very easy via MRT. Just alight at Haeundae station line 2 color green and exit at number 5. Once you're out you'll see the picture below in front of you.
Go straight and pass by GS25 on your right. Once you see this, you'll know you're near.
Look for this building after 2-3 streets from the convenience store. Then LOOK UP! hahah and look for the 24 Guesthouse sign in bright yellow :) From the MRT exit, walk is just 3-5 minutes.
Go up to the 4th floor of the building. Once there, the receptionist will be there to greet you.
Room per day costs KWN 52,500 or Php  2,200 but if you divide it by two, it's just Php 1,100 per person per night. Still not the cheapest accommodation in Busan but I think it's one of the most convenient places versus any other guesthouse aside from Motels found all around Haeundae. It's also a bonus because they have very comfy and homey ambiance fit for backpackers and it comes with FREE breakfast too!
Look at our view from the room! the quiet and chill streets of Busan.
We only stayed overnight for this side trip. It was a jam packed Busan itinerary and therefore it's always comforting to have one long hot bath after a looooong day (will blog about this soon!).

The guesthouse offer free towels, free soaps, and shampoo so no need to bring your toiletries with you. Although if you notice, they don't have a "shower area" just literal shower head haha so you will have to wet the entire bathroom floor when bathing.
They provide free fast wifi, you can use their computers as well in case you don't have your laptop with you and you can also have your laundries cleaned with minimal fee.
Breakfast is served every 6:00 to around 9:00 am. They serve bread with jam, coffee, juice, water of course, and eggs! You can cook your own eggs the way you want them--scrambled, sunny side up, omelet, hard boiled, or poached! But, you also need to clean your own dishes before you go!
What's nice in 24 Guesthouse is that you can also buy food from outside and cook or microwave it in the hostel. This saves a lot of money especially if you plan to stay there for more than 3-5 days or you're the type of person who frequently eats during midnight ;)
To know more about 24 Guesthouse Busan, you may check out their Facebook Page here.
You can also try their other branches in Seoul. They have more than 20 branches already and Haeundae is their first branch in Busan. 

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