Sunday, June 29, 2014

DMZ: A Glimpse of North Korea

North Korea is one of the most secretive and least traveled location in the world, so when given the opportunity to have a glimpse of the boarder of North Korea, you need to take advantage of it!

In our third visit to South Korea, we finally decided to take a tour of the North Korean border. We initially planned to visit there directly but was advised that you can only enter with official tour guides. As much as we want to avoid the unnecessary expenses bundled with tours in general, for security reasons, we booked one of the most reliable DMZ tours known in Korea-- VIP Tours. To know more about this, you can visit the DMZ Tours website.

Generally, there are 3 tour options:

Sunday, June 22, 2014

24 Guesthouse For Tourists in Busan

Busan is Korea's second largest city next to Seoul. It is the country's main port for international cargo as well as passenger ferries to Jeju Island and JAPAN! In the Philippines via Cebu Pacific airline, there's a direct flight going to Busan soooo (just a tip), it means you have the option to visit multi-city in Korea, maximize your itinerary, and go to its neighboring country, to the land of the rising sun... JAPAN! :) 

Busan is famous for its seafood and beaches as well as the Buddhist Temples. It is also famous for its night life near the ocean. Youngsters often go to the "3 -daes" of Busan which is Taejongdae, Pusandae, and Haeundae area. The latter is the place we stayed because we wanted to be very near the beach (as in walking distance) and near the bus terminal so it's accessible going back to Seoul. In Busan, we stayed at this very new and cute place called 24 Guesthouse in Busan.
We booked our place via and at that time because their official website is in Korean language only but as always, or even are legit websites so nothing to worry. These are highly secured accommodation websites.

How to get there?

Sunday, June 15, 2014

WooTi celebrates their 7th year together at Cintai, Batangas

Last June 8, my boyfriend and I celebrated our 7th year anniversary together in Bali....Batangas! hahaha just kidding. Well..we would like to think we went to Bali for a day trip but it's actually just in Cintai by Corito's Garden, Batangas

The place is just an hour and a half away from Manila and it is very easy to visit and personally it is a breather of fresh air full of happy vibes :) I recommend it for a mini (and private) celebration like our anniversary or just a getaway during weekends or long weekends with your family or friends.
The whole garden is decorated according to Balinese-inspired sanctuary and you will actually feel like you've been transported to Bali, Indonesia in less than 2 hours. Cost is definitely cheaper vs going to Bali for a day so this is perfectly fine for those who want to travel (locally) on a budget ;)  

Saturday, June 14, 2014

2014 Alaska World Milk Day Family Run

Last June 1, 2014, my boyfriend and I was able to finish our first ever 10km run in BGC, Fort during the Alaska World Milk Day Family Run event. It was such a joy to finish it after my weeklong stomach flu and without training at all! 

Here sharing with you our 10km journey!
ENJOY! >> click here <<


6 Korean Specialty Restaurants in Myeongdong

This post is a continuation of my 11 Street Food in Myeongdong but this time, I will share with you my 6 personal favorite Korean Specialty Restaurants/ Food in Myeongdong. 

Still in no particular order....

1) Buddae Jjigae (Military Stew)- Buddae Jjigae was invented in the Korean Military during the Korean war hence the name. It's basically a combination of different ingredients that were leftovers from meals of American. It contains ingredients such as mushrooms, kimchi, tofu, minced beef, sprouts, vegetables, noodles, cheese, spam, Korean sausage and a lot more. The taste is indescribable! soup is really rich plus it has a cheese/ mozzarella kick after sipping the hot and spicy stew. The cheese taste made it so yummy for me :) after my Korea trip, I immediately cooked one at home. Preparation is very very easy! It's a matter of cutting ingredients.

BTW, sorry but I forgot the name of the restaurant in Myeongdong where they serve just Buddae can however check out the menu or Google it! :) But don't miss trying this dish. Super yummy!

Price: Around KRW 20,000 or Php 800 good for 3-4 people. However, you can add on Ramen and Rice since they can provide additional soup for FREE!
2) Galbi Jjim - Korean Beef Short Ribs- Galbi Jjjim was traditionally enjoyed on big holidays like Jeongwal Daeboreum or during "Full Moon in January" or during Korean Traditional holidays like New Year's Day. It's a steamed beef ribs with potato, carrots, quail eggs. and glass noodles. Galbi Jjim's meat is very soft and literally comes off from the ribs/bones. The meat really melts in your mouth! 

This dish is ideal for those who doesn't like spicy food because the sauce is somewhat sweet. Galbi generally is a premium part of a Cow in South Korea. It is regarded as a "high-class dish" therefore you should expect that the taste will be "to die for" too hahaha :)

Price: KRW 22,000 or Php 900 good for 3-4 people.

Hwaseong Fortress, Suwon

To get away from the busy city life and set foot in a piece of history in Korea, Hwaseong Fortress is a destination that you can include in your Korea itinerary. Hwaseong Fortress in Suwon is actually very popular given that it is listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in 1997 and there has been several Korean TV Shows such as 1 day 2 nights who had showcased this venue in one of their shows. The Fortress consists of historical walls and temples that surround the city which used to be one of the temporary locations of King Jeongjo when he stayed in Hwaseong Palace in Suwon.
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