Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Basic Korean Accomodation, Hotel Gyerim

My Korea trip for 2014 came in a surprise. This trip was not really planned as we have other 2 trips toward quarter 4 of the year. The only reason why we went back to my so called "happy place" was because my boyfriend's cousin will get married...actually there are 3 weddings on their side one per month haha but due to budget constrains, I only attended the 2nd one.

Because everything was done in a breeze, we didn't get to book a cheap and nice guesthouse--which we normally do at least 1-2 months before. With just few days before the trip and more than 10 hotel prospects...only 1 was available for 9 nights and 10 days! Hoooray! and this hotel is called Hotel Gyerim in Myeongdong.

Looking at their amenities via (unfortunately do not have their own website), the hotel is pretty much basic. They don't have added values such as a pantry or free breakfast but that's okay because the location is very very close to the MRT station and it is across the famous shopping area, Myeongdong.
We were sold about the convenience of this hotel and I will tell you how breezy to go there.

How to get there?

From the airport, go to the MRT station and alight at Myeongdong station then exit at number 3. From the exit point, turn left and you will see the Pacific Hotel right in front of you (picture above). Walk straight and turn left at Twosome Place Coffee Shop. 

Address: 11-1 Namsandong 2(i)-ga (5-4 Toegye-ro 20-gil), Myeong-dong, Seoul, South Korea
Look for the sign (see above picture) which says Hotel Hangul (Korean) and Chinese. Unfortunately, there's no English translation sign but you'll know you're there once you see the Two Two Chicken and Beer Restaurant right beside it (spelled as "twoowt"). If you're still not sure... try sniffing good fried chicken aroma and you'll know you're in the right place hehe :)
Hotel Gyerim to be honest is not so tourist friendly because the owner or the ones in charge of the hotel finds it difficult to converse in English. Luckily, I'm with my boyfriend plus his brother and both can speak Korean fluently.

The hotel serves coffee but you have to prepare it yourself. Provides hot and cold water for you to refill those tumblers you brought from home ;) and they have free wifi but oftentimes unstable and not so fast :( The Halmoni or "Lola" in Filipino, does not know how to operate the wifi router so I guess they haven't updated their connection for so long. 
They have a communal sink for rooms with "common bathroom"
How much is the room?

We got the triple sharing Ondol Type of room for about Php 2,700 per night which was further divided into three persons resulting to just Php 900 per night. I am not sure if they charge additional bed per person in case you're 4 in one room but not bad for a basic room for 9 nights and 10 days. 

Ondol is a traditional Korean bed with heated floor ideally used during the winter season. It's not really comfy because the bedding is not thick enough for my back. I can literally feel the floor but it's okay since they say it's "healthier" to sleep on a hard surface for your back and I think I only get what I paid for naman right? haha :)
The hotel gives free toilet tissues everyday. There's free towel (bimpo) to use, and free soap and 2-in-1 shampoo + conditioner so you can leave those shampoo bottles or sachets at home.
The hotel is equipped with a cable television, a mini ref, air conditioner, landline, and a blow drier.
When it comes to the bathroom, it looks very very basic to the point that there's no sink! haha. Yes...we brush our teeth in the bathtub or we go outside the room and brush in the communal sink. BTW, be sure to select the room with private bathroom in case you're not okay with the idea of a "dorm type". They offer 2 types of room and bathroom so make sure you get the one you really prefer.

Shower water has heater BTW...if it helps... ;)
In terms of the view...well, you get to see the famous Namsan Tower on your window. It is beautifully lit at night and it is walking distance from Gyerim Hotel although you need to hike a bit going up and ride the cable car (unless you have all day to hike up until the entrance of the tower). 

Overall, I can say that Hotel Gyerim is fair in terms of basic facilities but I recommend it in terms of price and its very very convenient location. If you want good food and you want to shop then Myeondong area is highly recommended which is just one pedestrian away from Hotel Gyerim :) 

Just a side note...

When I first went to Korea, we stayed in Namsan Guesthouse. It is located near Gyerim Hotel but on the other side. You turn right instead of left when you see the Pacific Hotel. Too bad I wasn't blogging at the time I stayed there and I have no photos of it but I also highly suggest to try checking out Namsan Guesthouse because it's more family and tourist friendly! They have free Ramen noodles for breakfast, overflowing coffee and free bread, they have a pantry, they have laundry area, and they provide very fast wifi and a communal computer. We were suppose to stay here again but it's always fully booked. I remember I paid about Php 4,000 (per person) for 5 nights but we're 6 in one room and we used the communal bathroom but Namsan Guesthouse sure have more added value compared to the basic Gyerim Hotel. 


  1. Hi Ms Tin! I really love reading your blogs. My sister and I plan already have confirmed flights to Incheon by December, even the place to live is already set. HAHA. However, when I read your blog this morning, youve mentioned that it's heart breaking because some of your the people you know have prepared everything already yet, Visa was disapproved! (Creepy, really!) haha. Both my sister and I have work here. I work on a 5 star hotel, she works on a big company. My car is under my name, my sister has shares in the stock market and some savings. Problem is, we do not have cash on hand as we expect it by November this year. Do you think it's still gonna be littke chances that we get visa? Im so worried about it. haha. Around How much money do you have in your account when you first travel?:) Thank you! :D

    1. Hi Tinkerbelly! love your name because I love Tinkerbell too hahah I actually call myself Tincorbell :)) okay enough.... ;)

      Anyway, to answer your question...I think may chance naman because if you're worried about the cash coming on November pa then ok lang since you are only required to send a bank certificate so the history will not be reflected...Total money lang :) Just make sure asikasuhin mo yun before you send your requirements.

  2. Hi Co-Tinkerbelly! :) Hihi. Thank you so much for your help. I look forward to see you happy place too! I'm really exciiiited! I will be staying also na lang pala in Namsan instead of a hotel para much cheaper :') Thanks a lot!

    1. Hahahaha thanks and good luck! excited for you too! :)

  3. Hi~ Tin Co
    I really like reading your blog~ Where are you live?
    I am in Korea~~ ^^
    My english is not very good~ sorry

  4. Hi Tin!
    Thank you for sharing this. It's very helpful. I booked a room at Gyerim and asked the owner through email if I can get instructions since I had bad experience with google map before. Until now there's no answer and our flight is tomorrow. Im really thankful for coming across your blog. :) :) I thought I'll be up the whole night trying to find the house through google map's street view :'D

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