Thursday, May 1, 2014

Taiwan Itinerary for 2 nights 3 days

Wednesday (Nov 20)
Thursday (Nov 21)
Friday (Nov 22)
Saturday (Nov 23)
6:00 AM

Yehliu Geopark

7:00 AM
Wake-up and prepare
8:00 AM
Wake-up and prepare
9:00 AM
National Palace Museum
10:00 AM
Taipei 101:
Observatory, Din Tai Fung/Mos Burger, Mall
11:00 AM
12:00 PM
Ikea Lunch
1:00 PM
Lunch: Tian Wai Tian
2:00 PM
Hello Kitty and Barbie Cafe
Miramar Shopping Mall
3:00 PM
Rest at Hotel
4:00 PM
Chiang Kai Siek Memorial
5:00 PM
Taipei Zoo: Maokong Gondola
Longshan Temple
6:00 PM
Shopping and Modern Toilet
7:00 PM
Travel to Airport
8:00 PM
9:00 PM
Shilin Night Market
Shrimping at Shilin
10:00 PM
Flight to Taiwan
Shilin Night Market
11:00 PM
12:00 AM
Back to Hotel
Flight to Manila
Taipei is a very small city and we felt that there very few things we can do in Taipei which is why we had a short trip (3 full days) arranged for our visit. We were right about the small part as we were able to complete our itinerary ahead of the schedule but what we were wrong about was that there were so many things you can do in 
Taipei that really made our trip exciting and memorable!

How we created our itinerary?

We listed down all the things we want to do in Taipei, places we wanted to visit, and food that we wanted to eat. Then we grouped them together based on proximity to each other so we’ll save time travelling back and forth. Based on our research, there were only 4 must do things in Taipei: Night Markets, Food, Taipei 101, and Palaces visits. We also added in themed restaurants as part of our must do since we wanted to capture the experience and share it in this blog.

Day 1 – the places we visited did not take long so we were able to complete it very quickly. Bulk of what we did was to eat since our objective was to try out all the themed restaurants on day one. So the itinerary looked very cramped but we took our time to go around Taipei 101, Ximending, and also Shilin Night Market.

Day 2 – since we already completed some of the day 2 itinerary in day 1 (themed restaurants), we looked for any other places we can visit outside of Taipei and good thing that we were able to search Yehliu Geopark which is outside of Taipei but just 1 hour and 20 minutes away. You may spend half day here if you decide to walk to the top of the mountain but we decided to skip that since we wanted to finish our other itinerary on time. For the Taipei Zoo, we arrived a bit late so the Zoo was already closed when we arrived at 5pm but we decided to for a Maokong Gondola ride on the top and enjoy their world famous Tea.

Day 3 – We went to these places just for the sake of visiting but we were not able to do anything here (National palace and in Miramar Shopping Mall). We decided to go to Longshan Temple last minute as well and enjoy again their night market.

Overall – you can visit Taipei in only 2 days and if you decide to skip visits to Themed restaurants, you’ll have more free time on hand. You can also skip Miramax Shopping Mall as it is an ordinary mall and IKEA as we only went there for their meatballs and Salmon. My advice is for you to spend more time on night markets since these are huge and also enjoy nature by going to Maokong and Yehliu Geopark.


  1. Hi,

    Thank you for this post. Reading through blogs and planning our itinerary for next week. We'll be taking the same flight. I was just wondering if you took the bus to the city center or by taxi. Is it relatively safe at night?

    1. Hi Morefunwithems! thanks for reading my blog! :) To answer your question...we took the cab from airport to our hotel because we arrived very late at more MRT at that time. Although you can ride the bus from airport to the city but it's hard since there's a specific time of departure...we were actually left by the last bus so we rode the taxi. It's relatively safe but you might find it difficult to converse with the taxi driver so I suggested you get your hotel's address in chinese characters so they know where to drop you off. :)

    2. Hi! Ms. Tin, around how much was the cab fare from the airport to the city center? Thank you!

  2. This is very helpful. Btw, how much was the taxi from airport to your hotel? Was the hotel reception open when you arrived at night?

    1. Hi, I think it's about Php 600. Yes, hotel reception was open 24 hours but I am not sure if all hostels/Inns have this service. You need to ask if they're open 24/7.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Hi Jeynalyn, I don't know kasi it will depend on how "tipid" you are in a foreign country but for me, I spent only Php 16,500 for 4 days and 3 nights :) please check this link for the expense breakdown so you'll have an idea. Thanks!

      Taiwan Expenses for 4 Days and 3 Nights:

  4. Hi Tin,

    Your post is really helpful when I created my itinerary for next month to Taiwan. Since ang dating mo din before sa Taipei is at midnight how did you go from the airport to your hostel ? I saw sa Inn Cube kayo nag-checkin? I'm travelling solo so I want to avoid riding the taxi and I will be arriving same time din. If merong more "economical" way I hope you can share.


    1. Hi Ian,

      I'm traveling solo next week. midnight din dating ko. How did your trip go? Is it possible to sleep in the airport? thanks

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