Friday, April 11, 2014

Wish Granted! Multiple Visa Entry to My Happy Place, Korea

And so it's true! The Korean embassy is somehow more "lenient" now compared to previous years in terms of visa application. In year 2013, the embassy released a news stating that those who have travelled to Korea for at least once may be granted a multiple visa for 1 year on its second application. To learn more about it click here.

This is actually my 3rd visa and I am so happy because I can now go back and forth to my favorite place for 1 year yippee! :) And more Korea post will be uploaded very very soon. I'm so excited! New itinerary,  updated expenses, new destination "how-to", new season...SPRING!!! and more food post to share so wait for it :)

Want to know more about the process on how to apply a Korean visa? click here!

UPDATE: Korea Announces NEW VISA REQUIREMENTS for Tourists


  1. Hi Ms. TIn co, I have submitted my application yesterday, im a student, si Ive passed all the necessary requirements to the best of my knowledge, but sadly, I had submit school registration/ registration of enrollment instead of school certificate. and i just notice it when the person in charge told me that "this is not a school certificate" im now worried that i might have not approve, what do you think? :(

  2. Hi Tin, thanks again for your informative blog.. From Taiwan to Japan, i always look to ur blog as a reference.

    Just received my korean visa earlier and to my amazement, its multiple entries with 3 years validity! I feel so

    Thanks a bunch!

    1. Hi thank you very much for reading!!! Glad I was able to help you :) and you're one lucky person hahaha kakainggit you have 3 years multiple entry visa!!! Sana ako din :)

      Anyway, good luck on your trip! Have fun!


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