Wednesday, April 30, 2014

WooTi Blooms: A Korean Travel Video

10 days, countless cities captured in 5 minutes. 

My Korea 2014 trip can be summarized in just 5 minutes thanks to GoPro Hero 3+. 

In my previous blog post, I mentioned that I will write about my latest travel gadget which I think every traveler should invest on. GoPro is getting popular as it is very very lightweight and tiny, it's waterproof (with a case of course), shockproof, mountable to any surface such as a surfboard or on top of a car or to a monopod/tripod, it has built in wifi, it is in full HD which you can use as a camera or video, and because it doesn't have a viewing screen (although you can buy it separately), you can download their FREE app and use your tablets or smart phone as the screen/remote control to take selfies ;) 

I am no techie blogger but to know more about the product, visit GoPro's official website and check it out yourself.

For us, we need it because we often travel as a couple and we travel as low cost as possible therefore we walk walk and walk. Those bulky DSLRs are too heavy to carry plus we find it a hassle to ask strangers to take couple pics for us so we got sold in this greatest invention, GoPro. 

"WooTi Blooms" (Wooj + Tin = WooTi) is a breakthrough in my blog as I am now going to capture our travels in video to appreciate the places I blog about. This is BTW our very FIRST Travel Video and it was made as a "surprise" AVP for me after our trip :) It was made by my one and only Woojiebear! and he is no videographer or editor...not even creative hahaha just kidding! but he managed to pull all our videos and come up with this AVP using the GoPro video editor (very user friendly). Not bad for his first try infaaaiiirrr :) but I think because of the high quality and crispy resolution of GoPro all pictures and videos look professionally captured :)

So there! please view the first WooTi Travel video entitled "WooTi Blooms"...hahaha pinush ko lang talaga yung title hehe sorry! :P

ENJOY! >> click here <<

Friday, April 11, 2014

Wish Granted! Multiple Visa Entry to My Happy Place, Korea

And so it's true! The Korean embassy is somehow more "lenient" now compared to previous years in terms of visa application. In year 2013, the embassy released a news stating that those who have travelled to Korea for at least once may be granted a multiple visa for 1 year on its second application. To learn more about it click here.

This is actually my 3rd visa and I am so happy because I can now go back and forth to my favorite place for 1 year yippee! :) And more Korea post will be uploaded very very soon. I'm so excited! New itinerary,  updated expenses, new destination "how-to", new season...SPRING!!! and more food post to share so wait for it :)

Want to know more about the process on how to apply a Korean visa? click here!

UPDATE: Korea Announces NEW VISA REQUIREMENTS for Tourists
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