Saturday, March 29, 2014

How to Get From Hong Kong to Macau via Ferry

This post is loooooonnng overdue! I completely forgot to blog about my trip to Macau because of too many backlogs. I know, I know...bad habit as a blogger haha so sorry for that but anyway, it's always better late than never ;)

Last December 2012, I travelled with my Mom, Sister, and Sister in Law and we went to our default out of the country destination, Hong Kong. We've been visiting Hong Kong for more than 3 times already (those that I can only remember) and we've always been doing and even eating the same thing every time we go there like visiting Ngong Pin 360, Avenue of Stars, and eating at Delicious Kitchen.This time, we've upgraded our Hong Kong trip and went to Macau for the first time. 

Macau is one of two Special Administrative Regions of China (the other is Hong Kong). Its economy is heavily dependent on gambling and tourism as they are known as the City of Dreams. It is approximately 1 hour travel by sea from Hong Kong. 

How to commute from Hong Kong to Macau via Ferry?

1. Go to Shun Tak Center at 168-200 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong (just above Sheung Wan MTR station) then look for the Cotai Ferry ticketing office.

2. Ticket costs HKD 151 for 1 adult but this price is based on their 2012 fare. Check out the latest rates in this site. 

TIP! Not sure if Cotai Ferry's "Birthday Promo Package" is still running or if this is just a temporary promo...but you can ask about it because if you go to Macau on your birthday month, you get a discount! Just show your passport and you will be given 2 promo tickets worth HKD 99 only. December is my birthday month and I sure got lucky with their promo package haha.
 3. Follow the usual boarding process.
 4. and finally board the Ferry! :)
The Ferry is pretty big and comfy. It is air-conditioned and has a second floor. You can also buy refreshments and snacks or just watch a movie on the screen to keep you entertained. 

If you have a tendency to get sea sick, make sure to bring your meds! That day, the tides were high so we got a bit dizzy on board. 
 5. Then after 1 hour, you're finally in Macau! :)
Upon arrival, you will be greeted by so many tourists and "tourist guides" (usually Filipino) asking if you want to avail their services as their personal tour guide for one whole day. You may do so but personally, I don't suggest because it's additional expenses for you...anyway, touring around Macau (for a day trip) is so easy and less costly because of the "Hop on, hop off" FREE CASINO BUSES. That's a lot of savings for public transportation!
Example, you can go to the famous Venetian hotel instantly just by riding this bus :) All you need to prepare now is your itinerary and plot which bus (and their route/stops) to ride and you can already go around Macau. How convenient right?
 So there! Hop on, hop off and enjoy the city of lights. Enjoy MACAU! :)

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