Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hop on Hop Off: Macau Day Trip Part 2

NOTE: This is part 2 of the Hop on Hop Off Macau Day Trip. You may check out the first part of the blog in this link.

My story continues to our 7th Stop, City Of Dreams

As you may have noticed, every hotel in Macau has some kind of attraction at the reception area. In City of Dreams however, it's attraction is simple but unique. It is the home of the swimming mermaid housed in a gigantic 6 by 20 foot imaginary waterscape in LED. Check my video here. It really looks realistic! As if you're in an Oceanarium :)

8th (FINAL) Stop: Venetian Hotel

The sixth largest building in the world by floor area, the largest casino in the world, and the largest single structure hotel building in Asia! It is a 40-story building with over 3,000 suites...WOW! Venetian is the grandest hotel in Macau and that's the reason why we made this the finale of our day trip. 
 So happy to see these "fake" snow all over the hotel

Upon entering the public lobby of the hotel, everything "G" will greet you instantly--GRAND, GOLD, and super GANDA! (beautiful) hahaha :) We can't help but take so many pictures of the ceiling, the walls, the floor--everywhere you look, is just picture perfect.

Notice the floors of the Venetian Hotel...looks like 3D cubes! 
Truly, a piece of art in places use least expect it.
When you get to the Venetian Mall, you and your special someone can ride the river gondola and be serenaded by the gondoliers while touring around the shopping mall. The canal mimics the canals in Venice and same concept was applied to the gondola ride inside Marina Bay Sands
The shopping mall's interiors are designed like the ones in Venice. Tall facade, romantic vibe, and high painted ceiling of the outdoor sky. Yes, those skies are fake and the idea behind that is to make the look and feel always "sunny" and vibrant. 

There are loads of stores in the Venetian Mall. I think we've got the perfect timing because Mango and Zara was on clearance sale--70-80% off! We bought so many pants worth I think less than 1,000 pesos :) 
Don't forget to try their authentic Portuguese Egg Tart too!

When it was already late at night, we headed to the main entrance of the hotel to witness the Winter in Venice lights and sound show. It was the highlight of our Macau trip and the grandest lights show I've ever watched. I believe its much better than Singapore's Sentosa show. The show lasted only about 10-15 minutes but it was breath taking. So many people gathered taking pictures of the spectacular show.
 The Finale Lights Show

After the show, mascots came out to meet and greet guests. We saw Prince Charming, Ginger Bread Man, Santa Clause, and many more. It's like Disneyland but catered to adults haha.
 My Mom and Prince Charming
The Ginger Bread Man! He's Pinoy BTW :) hehe
At the end of the day, our day trip to Macau was well spent with my loves :) Tiring but fun! Plus going there is very affordable and accessible because it's just an hour away from Hong Kong. I highly suggest if you visit Hong Kong, you also spend at least 1 full day in Macau. One full day is enough as long as you go there very early. That saves up cost for the hotel and transportation--though I heard that Venetian Hotel's room rates are not that expensive as many think it may want to check the rates out ;) Cost for food will be minimal if you will only eat snacks along the way. 


  1. Macau is one of the wonderful places! It is great that I stumble upon here and reminisce the extraordinary experience that we have when we visit my relatives in China. You have a brilliant smile Tin co and I love every photo you have here!

    Miranda Farley

    1. THANK YOU! :) Macau is really a nice place to visit! :)

  2. Hi Tin Co, your blog about Macau is very helpful, thank you. Just want to ask, Winter in Venice is daily?


    1. Hi Dhey! Winter in Venice is a one time event few years back :) I believe they have different themes per event/season :)


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