Monday, December 23, 2013

Best Hotel for Budget Travelers, Inn Cube

When my boyfriend and I travel, we rarely stay in lavish hotels unless it’s a business trip or sponsored by someone. We always stay in 3-star hotels, guesthouses, or youth hostels (haven’t tried couch surfing though but maybe someday we will explore that option).

For our Taiwan trip we stayed at Inn Cube Hotel in Gongyuan Road. It was by far the cheapest, most decent, and accessible hotel we booked and here are the reasons why.

4Ps of Hostel (Marketing) Principle

When choosing for a place to stay, as a real life Marketer, my partner and I apply the 4Ps of Marketing—Price, Place, Product, and Promotion in that order.

Price is the most important for us because we’re a budget traveler and our principle for accommodation is plain simple. As long as it’s decent and comfortable then it’s a yes for us. Anyway when travelling, most of the time you’re outside of the hotel and you only stay for a few hours to take a bath, leave your things, and sleep.
Verdict: Price is 4/5. We only paid for 6,170 Php total or around 2,055 Php per day for both of us for 4 days and 3 nights. We booked Inn Cube via the ever reliable  

Place is equally important because you need instant if not easy access to public transportation. Inn Cube is located in Taipei Main Station exit M8. The hotel is LITERALLY BESIDE the train station and it's around 30-40 steps to the entrance of the hotel. We were so thrilled because we can go back to the hotel once we feel tired without thinking it will be a hassle or waste of “time and energy” again.
Inn Cube is beside 7-11 and police station. This is a plus factor because you feel secured at the same time if you need anything from the convenient store, all you have to do is go down from the hotel. The Taipei Main Bus station is just across the hotel that’s why we were able to go to Yehliu Geopark hassle free!
Verdict: Location due to convenience is 5/5 and it has easy access to all sorts of public transportation such as MRT and buses.

Note: It is highly recommended to print the Taiwanese version of the map since most people in Taiwan do not speak or understand English. 

For the Product or the actual hotel, the hotel’s concept is “cube”, “bunk beds”, “small”, and “minimalist”. Hence, it was very small and some people may not prefer this as it was hard to move around of the room. However, I was okay with it and preferred it as the hotel captures already the basic needs of budget travelers like us.
Verdict: 4/5 since room was very small but facilities was good!
This is Inn Cube's lounge area aka common area where you can get free water, read magazines, eat, and you may also rent the computer in case you don't have a gadget to use.

Our room is just about 1.5 sqm. Clearly it’s small and according to Inn Cube, they highly recommend guests under 180cm and 95kg because of the way they designed the rooms. It's not ideal for family with kids and older people who are claustrophobic. The room is not sound proof either but surprisingly, guests respect silence of other guests. They also provide clean towels, tissue paper, bedroom slippers, personal lamps, and personal television with headphones, free water, and free fast wifi!

 This is the girl's shower room. Unfortunately they only have 2 showers in the area that's why you need to wake up early in order to be first in line :) They provide hot/cold water and free soap and shampoo for everyone. 

 The common sink

The comfort room is clean and provides privacy despite having to share with other guests because the shower rooms are separated by gender. They also have common sinks and toilets to manage washroom traffic especially in the morning. The comfort room is much better compared to our Singapore Backpacking Hostel because there, you need to share with other male/female guests and it is not segregated.

Finally, for promotion, I personally find hotels with online presence more “credible” and secured compared to those with no marketing activities at all. Good thing Inn Cube has a website that is easy to navigate and has enough information needed for you to book your reservation and a Facebook (but in Taiwanese!) showing fans’ or guests’ comments or sometimes blogs about their experiences there.

Overall, my verdict for Inn Cube Taipei is 4 out of 5! Truly you get value for your money and basic but quality services :) I will recommend this to all yuppies out there!

Inn Cube
Address: 100, Taiwan, Taipei10 Floor, No.13, Gongyuan Road
Phone:+886 2 2311 4511


  1. So it’s time to go to Taiwan. We are planning to have an exploratory research which my colleagues suggest to check where to go next after exploring Thailand. Just wait for us Taiwan and will be there! Looking forward to read more from you Tin Co!

    1. Thanks for reading and visiting my blog :)
      Yeah Taiwan is such a nice country to visit especially for food trip and adventure!

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