Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Art Of Doing Nothing

After one full day spent at the summit of Mount Talamitam, our group decided to chill and recover our energy at Hamilo Coast Pico de Loro, Batangas. 
The view was spectacular and breathtaking. From our vantage point, we can actually see our next mountain destination, the famous Pico De Loro Parrot's Beak.
But for now, we needed some sand and salty breeze on our hair to help us recover and transition from holiday mode to....urrr work mode again!

Look at that irresistible water. Perfect for my sore thighs and feet :)
When we visited Hamilo, the tides were low so we couldn't swim. Instead we just strolled around the cove and took pictures to kill time and just enjoy the art of doing nothing :)
Sometimes it's nice to just clear out your mind and think about nothing...
Probably take a selfie....and photo bomb someone's selfie :)
Or take a major selfie like this one... ;)
How I wish at least once a month we have long weekends like this. But on second thought, aren't we suppose to live our lives as if it's holiday everyday? 

Seize the moment. Enjoy life and ALWAYS MAKE TIME FOR THE THINGS THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY :) As cliche as it may sound, Y.O.L.O--You only live once! ;)

**Photos By the one and only, Hez Llanes

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