Saturday, November 2, 2013

Conquering Mount Talamitam, Nasugbu Batangas

"Climbing mountains is not just a physical act of taking your body to the summit. It is the spiritual act of coming close to nature, to God, to other people, and to your own, inner self"

This is what I felt the moment I reached the summit of Mount Talamitam, Batangas for the very first time. It was a surreal kind of feeling--until now after almost a week, I still can't believe I/we made it to the top and back home safe :) 

Climbing mountain is indeed part of my long bucket list. To be able to try it for the first time with my friends makes me feel proud, happy, and grateful for life in general. It's very refreshing, liberating, and enlightening to take a walk with Nature's peace.
To start off, our group went to the Jump-off point at Sitio Bayabasan, Brgy. Aga, Nasugbu (KM. 83). We prepared our backpacks, paid our hiking fee for just Php 20 and two (child) guides for PhP 300 since it's required now according to the DENR people there. 

We started our journey at around 10 am. The number of hours to summit is about 1.5 to 2 hours and that includes few rests in between.
There are 2 bridges you need to cross for this specific trek. The first one is made of cement but the second is just made of bamboo. This freaked me out since I am really afraid of heights! Yes the bamboo bridge is sturdy but still scary for me haha. 

We came across a river before "officially" starting the trail. Going down this river is my first taste of mountain climbing--literally since we needed to go down in muddy and rocky "banging" just to feel the cold refreshing water.

In my mind I thought the trek will be like this the whole time but I was partially wrong... partially because around 70% of the trail is just "patag"--similar to Farmville :) you will enjoy seeing the greenery, coconut trees, and some horses and cows along the way. 20% is "slope-y forest-y type" and based on my readings, it's about 60 degrees slope therefore you need to hold on to trees and roots for balance. Only about 10% is the real challenge because the trail becomes really steep just around 70-80 degrees going to the summit.

Just a personal note: 
1) There are no electricity or clean water throughout the trail so be prepared to bring enough water for yourself and bring your portable cooking devices.
2) There are lots of cow/horse poop along the way. Be careful not to step on those fertilizers haha
3) Best to go there during -ber months as the sun is not that strong compared to summer. The reason is because 70% of the trail is plain landscape. You will receive direct sunlight--no trees to protect you from the heat so prepare your umbrella and long sleeves if you don't want to get dark.
At some point, I felt like quitting. I honestly thought mountain climbing will be easy for me because I am physically active and I always go to the gym. But I was wrong. Mountain climbing is hard and it takes endurance, strength, and determination in order to make it. Plus, support and motivation from your friends fuels you to succeed.
But like I said, the journey is all that matters. All you need is to move forward little by little with occasional rests in order to check what you've come to accomplished. Same with life. You pause. You look back. You feel tired at some point. You re-energize yourself with water and some laughter and then you stand up and move forward again :)
You don't see these picturesque scenery every day right? It's truly God's wonderful creation at its purest form. No filter. No photoshop edit. Just His awesome master piece and this is I think one of the reasons why mountain climbing is so addictive to some people. 
We're almost there! One last push!!! 

"It's always further than it looks.
It's always taller than it looks.
And it's always harder than it looks."
--The 3 rules of mountaineering

There are 2 paths going up Mount Talamitan. The first option is the steep ascent--less talahib but really really steep. This is the shorter route compared to the second option. The other path will take around 10 mins more of your time but it's more manageable and more talahib. We took the first option going up and the second the next day.
Aaaand we made it to the top after 2 hours.
Looking up, going up, and never giving up. That's the spirit!

We made it to the top safely and without a single mosquito bite :) Thanks to my trusty Pest Off Anti Mosquito Patch, a hassle-free "invisible shield" mosquito repellant that can protect up to 3 meter radius and 12 hours.

I really believe in this product because it is very safe for all ages and very ideal for outdoor adventures. I used this during my Corregidor adventure and same results--no mosquito bites, promise :) No need to re-apply oily repellents on skin again and again and again. For more information, visit Pest Off's Facebook page here and website here.
Breathtaking view
My mandatory "Buwis buhay" yoga pose haha :)
Ain't no mountain high enough for our love..yiheee :)
It's the first time we slept inside a tent. Not the coziest and most comfortable feeling but it's a worth trying.
What a view this is :)
It's suuuuper windy up there!!! Check out my video here.
Mount Talamitam at night. Dark, quiet and it's as if the stars and moon is within your reach. 
"Really, it is not the pack that you carry, but yourself. There is so much weight to overcome; so many obstacles before you can climb: oftentimes you have to file a leave, save up your allowance, make way for that long weekend. But when we are able to do the things that we want; when we are able to pursue our passions and live our dreams, then we are truly on the right track."

Thank you to my block mates for the company and for looking after me. Thanks to Woojiebear for the support and for carrying my bag haha. Finally, thank you to my new found friend, "Coach" Hez for sharing your passion to us first-timers, for making us feel secured, and for capturing all of these awesome pictures :)  Till our next climb!!!

"Take Nothing but pictures, Leave nothing but footsteps, Kill nothing but time, 
Burn nothing but CALORIES!" 



  1. Hello Tin! Very nice blog, sorry now ko lang nacheck to di kase sinabi ng mabait na si Melai na meron na pala. Anyway, thanks for letting me share my passion to you guys and hopefully sumunod na yung "Pico de Loro" natin soon! :)


    1. HEZ! hahaha oo nga si Yecs kasi :) anyway thanks thanks Pico soon...or Pulag para hard core hahaha

  2. hi maam tin.
    nag guide po ba kayo dito? if yes, how much po if overnight .



  3. Hi Macoy, I can't remember anymore but I think it's about Php 300 total (2 child guides). I'm not sure if may additional fee kung magpapasundo ulit kayo in the morning pababa kasi hindi na kami nag pa-guide since marunong naman yung kasama ko sa trail na yun :)


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