Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Keep Calm and Just Travel

I came across these nice travel quotes in the internet just this morning and realized that my 2nd Blogniversary is fast approaching. How time flies! I remember last January 2012, I was caught in a "slight" and "early mid-life crisis at the age of 23" haha. I was lost for a while. I suddenly became too anxious about almost anything and blogging and traveling is all I can do to overcome that life stage of mine. It was right after New Year that I promised myself to travel once a year and just go someplace I've never been to because life is short period. I have one blog entry dedicated to traveling and seizing the opportunity to do whatever you want in whatever you want (as long as you work hard for it) and never miss out on opportunities of creating wonderful  memories with your loved ones and memories for yourself.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Taiwan Tourist Visa For Filipinos

For my next destination 2 weeks from now, I will be visiting Taiwan, Taipei. I booked this particular trip last year during a piso fare from Cebupac for only Php 970 :D I think this is by far the cheapest international airfare I got for the past 2 years of traveling.

Taiwan as a country is quite interesting. I read it in the internet that Taiwan has the highest recycling rates in the world and the lowest poverty rate in the world? Cool huh? And did you know that they have one of the fastest processing of travel visa here in the Philippines? Well, this is based on experience :) and I'm about to share with you the easy breezy steps and visa processing for Filipino passport holder :).

First and foremost, visit the Official Taiwan Website here to read latest news and changes regarding their visa processing. Online forms and list of requirements for different type of visa can be seen here as well. For now, I will focus on the tourist visa requirements.

1. Visit the site for online visa forms. A security message will pop up stating that the site is not trusted. It will look like either this...
or this...but no need to fret because it is legit. So just accept whatever prompts may appear and then proceed. 
2. You should be able to enter the Taiwan online application forms. Click General Visa Application when you're applying for tourist visa.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Art Of Doing Nothing

After one full day spent at the summit of Mount Talamitam, our group decided to chill and recover our energy at Hamilo Coast Pico de Loro, Batangas. 
The view was spectacular and breathtaking. From our vantage point, we can actually see our next mountain destination, the famous Pico De Loro Parrot's Beak.
But for now, we needed some sand and salty breeze on our hair to help us recover and transition from holiday mode to....urrr work mode again!

Wild Wild Mount Talamitam Wind

This is how intense the wind at Mount Talamitan summit was. It was really wild and even wilder at night. If you're planning to camp out, don't forget to bring a sturdy tent and a really thick jacket ;)


Conquering Mount Talamitam, Nasugbu Batangas

"Climbing mountains is not just a physical act of taking your body to the summit. It is the spiritual act of coming close to nature, to God, to other people, and to your own, inner self"

This is what I felt the moment I reached the summit of Mount Talamitam, Batangas for the very first time. It was a surreal kind of feeling--until now after almost a week, I still can't believe I/we made it to the top and back home safe :) 

Climbing mountain is indeed part of my long bucket list. To be able to try it for the first time with my friends makes me feel proud, happy, and grateful for life in general. It's very refreshing, liberating, and enlightening to take a walk with Nature's peace.
To start off, our group went to the Jump-off point at Sitio Bayabasan, Brgy. Aga, Nasugbu (KM. 83). We prepared our backpacks, paid our hiking fee for just Php 20 and two (child) guides for PhP 300 since it's required now according to the DENR people there. 

We started our journey at around 10 am. The number of hours to summit is about 1.5 to 2 hours and that includes few rests in between.
There are 2 bridges you need to cross for this specific trek. The first one is made of cement but the second is just made of bamboo. This freaked me out since I am really afraid of heights! Yes the bamboo bridge is sturdy but still scary for me haha. 
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