Tuesday, October 15, 2013

3 Days Itinerary For Thailand...Mission, SHOPPING!

The first time I went to Bangkok was two years ago. As I review my blog entries I realized that I only have one blog for this trip and it's mainly about temples. Also I was just starting out with this travel blog and completely forgot to share more details of the trip and the much awaited itinerary section :)

My Bangkok trip was the first out of the country adventure with my college loves. We really prepared for that trip and even had few meetings prior to settle our wish lists and mission--this is very important to settle as group of travelers in order to satisfy each and everyone's "trip". Good thing my friends and I think a like and for our Bangkok trip we only have one common goal and that is to SHOP till we drop! 

As you can see, in our itinerary, we only have three full days. We divided our mission into three categories--cultural, night life and shopping. 

For our first day, we went to different temples such as the Grand Palace, Watpho, Wat Arun, and Chao Phraya River. Generally, all temples look the same but it was still worth visiting. We also went to the famous Jim Thompson Museum and it was actually cool :). We manage to squeeze in shopping time in the afternoon and night life to celebrate our first day in Bangkok by drinking their famous beers and visiting Patpong--the red light district. Patpong is one hell of an adventure!!! super haha! YES we watched one show and it was...wild and...acrobatic and funny at the same time. I can't write all the details here but my gosh it's beyond your imagination haha... To see is to believe! BUT before you do, RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH and go there with caution kasi scary talaga yung area palang :O It took us quite a while to choose what "show" to watch because we were afraid na maloko kami buti hindi.

Second day was dedicated solely for shopping. One whole day is not enough for Chatuchak promise haha then a good thai massage at night is all you need to prepare for another shopping the next day.

On our last day in Bangkok, we went to the Platinum Mall instead and went on a shopping spree. Clothes here are more fashionable and really really cheap! We went gaga over sheer tops and cute accessories. I personally spent almost Php 13,000 for clothes, bags, accessories, and pasalubong but if you will minus my shopping expenses, I only spent around Php 15,000 all in! For more information regarding my expenses check it out here.

City of Dreams Casino and its Grand Mermaid Wall

Sharing with you a video I took inside the City of Dreams Casino, Macau. It's a mermaid swimming in a 20 ft. deep "imaginary waterscape". Such a lovely wall it's very realistic and grand! 


Ngong Pin 360 Hong Kong: View From The Top

AND I'M BACK! It's been a long time since my last blog entry and I missed this so much. I miss traveling, miss the FEELING of traveling, and I miss sharing my experiences and tips as well.

Since September is the start of the -BER months and Christmas is just around the corner yet again...it made me realize that I haven't finished blogging my Christmas travel to Hong Kong and Macau last year! I have almost a year of back logs yikes! I'm so ashamed of myself but here I am again, starting my -BER month right!

Just a re-cap, last Christmas my mom, sister, and sister in law went to an all expense paid trip c/o my ever loving Father. He wanted us 4 to bond and there's no other perfect holiday than to spend it in Hong Kong and Macau. We shopped, revisited the Stars Of Avenue, non-stop eating soy chicken and Delicious Kitchen's signature dish,  got all cozy and warm in our mini hotel and visited Ngong Pin 360 to appreciate Hong Kong's view from the top.

Actually this is my second time visiting Ngong Pin. The first time I went there was last 2010 for a business trip with my family! haha so it does not feel like a business trip at all :)

Ngong Pin 360 is one of Hong Kong's "must see" tourist attraction in Lantau Island. It is a natural ecological environment featuring the culture of the said Island and Buddhism. Ngong Pin 360 is also the home of the tallest seated outdoor bronze Buddha, the Tian Tan Buddha Statue. It's a thrilling experience to visit Ngong Pin because it's refreshing to the body and enlightening to the mind.

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