Sunday, September 15, 2013

GOOD NEWS To All Filipino Travelers Going To South Korea!

Are you itching to go back to South Korea but don’t have the time to process another visa?
Well, you just got lucky as the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) says the South Korean government has decided to relax its visa rules for Filipino tourists.
In a statement released on Friday, the KTO office in Manila announced that Filipinos who have visited Korea at least once will be eligible for a one-year multiple-entry visa.
The new rules, which has been implemented since September 1, also makes Filipino travelers who have visited South Korea at least twice eligible for a three-year multiple-entry visa.
It noted that Filipino visitors, as well as those coming from China and other countries in Southeast Asia who previously held a three-year multiple-entry visa can get a five-year visa.
Sangyong Zhu, director of KTO in Manila, expects more Filipinos to visit South Korea than ever before with the implementation of new visa rules.
In this year alone, tourists from Philippines alone increased by 61.5 percent in March, 8.5 percent in April, 12.1 percent in May, 47 percent in June, and 74.4 percent in July compared to 2012.
“Korea is always ahead in visa processing compared by other countries. We are confident that visitor arrivals to Korea will surpass more than 12.5 million visitors again this year,” Zhu said.
From January to July 2013, Korea welcomed more than 6.3 million visitors.
By  | Yahoo Southeast Asia Newsroom – Sat, Sep 14, 2013

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