Sunday, May 5, 2013

Avenue Of Stars, Revisited

The Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong is one of the most popular tourist attractions along Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront. It is similar to Holywood's "Walk Of Fame". Avenue Of Stars was created to pay tribute to outstanding professionals of the country's film industry like Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee.
Tourists come here to see the panoramic view of Victoria Harbour and stroll along 440 meters with over one hundred years worth of cinematic history for FREE. Yes, it's a walking tour great for tourists who want a change of cover photo for their Facebook account haha or just plain relaxation and appreciation of Hong Kong's skyline.                                

This is  how it looks like in the morning--foggy but still breath taking. But at night, the skyline changes its mood to romantic and awesome with the colorful lights ready for the Symphony of Lights Show. BTW, I took the night picture sometime in year 2010 during a business trip with my Dad and siblings.

Did you know that the Symphony of Lights is the World's Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show according to the Guinness World Records? Cool right? And the buildings you see there are actually office buildings who participated for the sake of tourism and world peace...hahaha just kidding :)

The Symphony of Lights starts at around 8:00 pm and lasts for about 14 minutes. 14 minutes of thematic shows showcasing the latest lights and sounds technology and sometimes a special pyrotechnic fireworks on the rooftop of participating buildings for special events or holidays like the Chinese New Year and Christmas. How I wish we have this in Makati or perhaps in Fort Bonifacio--wishful thinking haha.

With my mommy and big sister, Karina

Aside for the view, you can also see big replica of Hong Kong's Film Award Statue, the stars' plaques with signature and hand print, and some film related props.

The Director's Chair

How to get there?

Going to the Avenue of Stars is easy and going there via MTR is the easiest! Just go to East Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station and exit at J. When you exit, look for the Inter Continental Hotel which is about 3 minuets walk from the Avenue.

With my sister-in-law, Girlie and my mommy. Picture taken last 2012 Christmas Day 

This picture was taken last October 2010 during a business trip turned vacation with my daddy and siblings. 
This was my first time to visit Avenue of Stars and I just realized my sister wore the exact jacket I wore during our 2012 vacation haha! Yikes!

These are the boys of my life--my brothers Patrick and Kerwin and of course, my Daddy

Avenue of Star is worth visiting either in the morning or at night--but I recommend if you will go there for the first time, visit the place at night because you would want to catch the lights show right? 

Go there to relax and enjoy the company of your loved ones or friends :) Just like me, I've been there twice but same feeling, same awe-ness with  the view, and same level of happiness with my family :)



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    1. Hi Sam, I agree! Hong Kong is one of the best place to visit!!! Thanks for dropping a message here in my blog :) I don't mind you sharing my link to other like minded bloggers out there. It's actually my pleasure to spread the passion for travel and adventure :) and yes, I would definitely share more content on your website! :) Cheers!


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