Tuesday, November 13, 2012

iFly Singapore: My Indoor Skydiving Experience

Flying without wings is a dream come true for me considering that I love adventure BUT I'm too scared of heights haha. The iFly Singapore is the perfect environment where your dreams meet opportunity to fly in a very safe wind tunnel--no parachutes, no jumping, no bad weather, no airplanes and no death-defying worries. 

You can expect the overall experience to be at least 90% REAL because the tunnel will simulate REAL FREE-FALL CONDITION at 12,000 to 3,000 feet just like a REAL skydiving experience. How cool is that?

The iFly Singapore is the world's largest themed wind simulator tunnel for indoor skydiving that can accommodate around 20 PRO divers all at the same time. There are many iFly theme parks all over the world but it is only in Singapore where you can see the unparalleled view of South China Sea coupled with fireworks display at night during the Songs of the Sea show. 

The overall concept and ambiance of iFly Singapore is spectacular! The flyers are taken to an airport or space shuttle like terminal experience. Check out their official website here and you'll know what I mean! Little details make huge impact! 

So, are you ready to fly?

I'll share to you my 45-60 seconds of adrenaline rush experience like no other!
Directions: iFly Singapore is located at the 43 Siloso Beach Walk #01-01. You can take the Sentosa Express Train going there.
Step 1: Purchase your tickets preferably online and ahead of time because iFly Singapore offers discounts if you book your flight at least 14 days in advance. However, if you just decided to try indoor skydiving a day before (just like us) or on the spot, it's okay as long as there's a vacant time flight that you can reserve.

Select the best package for you and select add ons based on your preference. I highly recommend to get DVD (SGD 25) and picture (SGD 21) since this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and better to capture the moment.

Select the best time for you as well. However, it would be better to get the time for off-peak and super off-peak due to huge discounts.

NOTE: Make sure you arrive at the location 1 hour and 30 minutes before your flight schedule because they will conduct a training and have other preparation beforehand.
You may visit their website for rates and packages here.

If you're asking who are eligible to fly? Well, good news! almost everyone can fly including those with disabilities (although you have to consult the trainers first and let them know your needs), regardless as well if you're either young or old. 

The flyer should be at least 7 years old to fly and should weigh less than 120 kg if you're shorter than 180 cm or 140 kg if you're taller than 180 cm long. You should not be pregnant (duh), not have plaster cast, not  be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, and does not have any dislocated shoulders, no history of back/neck injury or heart problems.

Finally, you should fill out the required indemnity form before you fly fly fly. 

Step 2: Check-in 1 hour 30 minutes before your flight. The receptionist will hand you your boarding pass and will let you enter the training room 1 hour before your schedule. 

All trainings (video, live) and equipments (Suit, earplugs, helmet, glasses) will be provided and in case you wore sandals or flats and/or have no socks then you can rent the shoes (plus free socks) for an additional SGD 4.

Step 3: Pay attention to the hands-on practice by your personal flight instructor. He will teach you basic posture, do's and don'ts and hand signals which will be the only form of communication inside the flight chamber.

Step 4: Time to gear up and keep all loose things (e.g. jewelries, watch, wallet, cellphone etc.) inside your bag. If you have friends or family who will watch you, you may give them your belongings first to avoid paying extra SGD 2 for the locker rental. 
These are the PRO skydivers practicing their aerial stunts in the flight chamber

Step 5: FLY and enjoy 45-60 seconds of your life haha! It may seem short but TRUST ME! You will not feel that way once you're inside the chamber. 

Reminders: Try to remember all tips your instructor gave you because skydiving may seem easy but it's not. It's also a total body work out because your core (YES! ABS!) and other parts of your body will feel sore right after the flight or the next morning. Also, every movement matters. For instance, if you curled your legs then you will go down but if you straightened it, your body will fly up up and away ;)

So, lesson? listen to your instructor's hand signals ALL THE TIME and SMILE :D
This is the crowd cheering for our team.
This is my boyfriend's aerial shot haha. He looks like an Angry Bird right?! :)
And this is my iFly picture! I'm a flying siopao :))
It's legit! I/WE MADE IT!!!! and we captured it on video too! Check them out here.
Finally to cure our sore body, we headed to the Sky Loft to avail our FREE MOJITOS since we purchased their buy one get the second at 50% promo with video and picture package. This is how we spent our last day in Singapore and it was the highlight of our vacation. 


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