Monday, November 19, 2012

Singapore Expenses

This is my personal Singapore expenses for 5 whole days and 4 nights. The total amount is Php 24,048.42 ALL IN and that includes my day trip to Malaysia. As you can observe, I did not buy any gifts or pasalubong to my family and friends because it's too expensive plus they said I shouldn't bother haha :) 
In this expense blog post, I included a new part called the "possible savings" part since there are a lot of things we overlooked due to either lost in translation (like in Malaysia food court) and lack of research on our part for the EZ link train card or even the packaged fee for the museum visit haha. If we knew about the discounts and other promos then we could have saved Php 1,192.

On the next part of "possible savings", I included items which can be deleted or avoided if I resisted temptation...and I could have saved additional Php 6,458!!! AND YES, 2 beers and a small plate of Calamares (deep fried squid) amounts to a whopping Php 1,277 :O 

So, all in all I could have saved Php 7,650 and if I subtract that amount to my total (24,048.42) then I could have spent only 16,398.42 ALL IN for 5 Days 4 Nights in Singapore plus side tour in Malaysia :) Isn't that cheap or cheap? :) haha

Now you may ask me how did I do it? Then please take not of my tips on saving.


1. Look for the cheapest BUT make sure it has good reviews through travel sites such as Travel Advisor,, Agoda etc...
2. Try SG Backpackers dormitory (very decent) but definitely not for all travelers. It is highly suggested if you're with your friends of 2 to 6.

1. Try to eat a variety of food such as food court, restaurants, and street food because eating in restaurants (especially in Singapore) could be expensive.
2. Research on places that have expensive foods like the Universal Studios. Hence, we ate at 7-11 for heavy noodles prior to going to the theme park haha "poor mode on!".
3. Bring water bottle at all times for refill in possible drinking stations.
4. If going with friends, share food and don't always order 1 per person because servings are big.

1. Be aware of your EZ Link Card load, since you can only load for minimum of SGD 10. Therefore, if you need to use the MRT for once only, just buy single ticket.
2. No need to ride taxi...because we survived not riding one in Singapore haha. We walked and walked or took the MRT :) RESEARCH is the key! Research the MRT station nearest to your location or try to look at Bus Route which can easily be understood unlike in Seoul haha.

Entrance Fees:
1. Maximize all packages being offered through websites, ticketing booth or hotels because these has great discounts.
2. Ask in accommodation if they provide discounts.
3. No need to go through all the rides and entrance especially in Sentosa. Select only what interests you! AND TRY THE INDOOR SKYDIVING at iFly Singapore :D
4. Sometimes there are Filipino Staff working in Singapore so speak to them and try to ask for discounts. they are generous in giving discounts to their Kababayan ;).

So, there you have it folks! I was able to tour around Singapore and Malaysia with just around Php 20,000 in 5 days!

If I can do can you! :)

Check out my suggested itinerary too! Thanks!


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Singapore Itinerary For 4 Days 3 Nights

Singapore is definitely a must visit place in Asia because of the list of things that you can do there that can't be done elsewhere in Asia. Although there is an extensive list of places to visit and things to do in SG, 4 full days in the City will be enough to make the most out of your visit. You also have an option to visit Malaysia (KL) but you will have to stay longer (5-6 days) to make up for the long travel time.

How to start with the Itinerary?

First, list all the places that you want to visit and all the things to do in SG because you can accomplish everything in just 4 days! Just cross out the things later on that you decide not to do once you're in Singapore. 

Second, decide if you'll be going to Malaysia specifically in Johor Bahru (nearest City to Singapore), or if you'll go further to Kuala Lumpur or other cities in Malaysia.

Lastly, Singapore is a very small place, so just make sure that the places you'll visit are nearby since this will save a lot of time despite having efficient transportation systems.

Below are my recommendations for Itineraries going to Singapore. Feel free to alter, combine or copy depending on what you would like to prioritize, your budget, or the people you're with. 

If you're going to KL, I suggest you just spend 3 full days in SG based on the list above, and spend additional 2 days in Malaysia. 

Travel time to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore should be around 4-5 hours including immigration and bus ride for one way. But 1 day will be enough to go to key tourist spots in KL.

The two Itinerary above can be accomplished as long as you're efficient and do not have a lot of resting time. But you may opt to remove some of the above based on your preference. For Example, we removed Night Safari because we didn't want to try based on reviews that we heard and we skipped Bugis Street because we were too tired to walk hehe :)


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

iFly Singapore: My Indoor Skydiving Experience

Flying without wings is a dream come true for me considering that I love adventure BUT I'm too scared of heights haha. The iFly Singapore is the perfect environment where your dreams meet opportunity to fly in a very safe wind tunnel--no parachutes, no jumping, no bad weather, no airplanes and no death-defying worries. 

You can expect the overall experience to be at least 90% REAL because the tunnel will simulate REAL FREE-FALL CONDITION at 12,000 to 3,000 feet just like a REAL skydiving experience. How cool is that?

The iFly Singapore is the world's largest themed wind simulator tunnel for indoor skydiving that can accommodate around 20 PRO divers all at the same time. There are many iFly theme parks all over the world but it is only in Singapore where you can see the unparalleled view of South China Sea coupled with fireworks display at night during the Songs of the Sea show. 

The overall concept and ambiance of iFly Singapore is spectacular! The flyers are taken to an airport or space shuttle like terminal experience. Check out their official website here and you'll know what I mean! Little details make huge impact! 

So, are you ready to fly?

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