Friday, October 12, 2012

International Beach Bum

If I will be stuck in an island, I probably wish I'd be in Sentosa because of the things you can do in this whimsical island. You can chill or have romance, adventure, educational all at the same time and it also caters both casual or luxurious living. 
Photo courtesy of Sentosa Island Website
Going there is very easy! The route is the same as the Universal Studios that's why you can stay in Sentosa Island for one whole day--morning in Universal then late afternoon until midnight in Sentosa. 
Directions: The most convenient way to get there is via MRT. Alight at Harbour Front Station and walk towards 3rd floor of Vivo City Shopping Mall. Then, ride the Sentosa Express (SGD 3.50 flat rate) and go down at Imbiah Station or go straight to Beach Station. The train operates from 7 am to 12 mn daily and the Beach area closes by 12 mn as well. 

Like I said, there are a lot of attractions in Sentosa. You need to plan your activities to maximize your stay there and I suggest you only choose the rides you want because you pay an average of SGD 15-20 per ride. Although there is a ride all you can passes for multiple combination of rides in Sentosa, I don't suggest to avail this since it's not really worth it given the price and the activities you can do (not all fun activities).
As a rule of thumb, go for rides that you haven't experienced before because this is the best way to save money. But of course, the activity that you will do there depends on the people you're traveling with (e.g. family, kids, friends, "frenemies", or lover) and your budget.

We eliminated activities such as: museum/history walk at The Merlion Plaza, Butterfly and Insect Kingdom, Sentosa Nature Discovery, Images of Singapore, Cable Car, Underwater World, Mega Zip Adventure, Green Segway,and Fort Silso because we're not into these things and we wanted to spend the day in a slow pace.

As K.J. (Kill Joy) as it may seem, but this is how we rationalized the rides: we already tried Cable Car in Hong Kong and Tagaytay Highlands haha, Underwater World in Manila Ocean Park, Ocean Park Hong Kong, and  even in Subic. Though, please do note that the dolphin ride/encounter in Sentosa is cheaper as compared to the one in Subic. And of course for the Mega Zip Line,'s very common now a days! So common that you can see one in Mall of Asia hahaha just kidding :) --but seriously, we already tried it many times in different locations around the Philippines already.

The iconic Tiger Sky Tower is okay to try in my opinion especially if you're a photography enthusiast. You can see the whole Sentosa Island 360 degrees. But the ride is very quick and there's nothing much to do from above besides taking pictures and probably some quiet time with your special someone hehe :).
What I highly suggest would be the BEACHES especially for teens and the whole barkada's a BEACH need I say more? :) 

First stop was the Siloso Beach...
(Note: that you can bring your picnic basket and beach paraphernalia to Siloso and Palawan Beach with no extra fees. Oh! don't forget your booze and ice cooler!)
The tan colored sand, cool water and breezy air with matching funny stories over an ice cold beer are too irresistible! So tempting that you would want to rip off your clothes and start rushing to the ocean--the Baywatch way wahaha :) Of course I didn't do that because I'm trying to be "cultured" ;) haha just kidding!

*Tadaaaahh* Hello sea shore!!! :D
The second beach is the Palawan Beach. I recently found out that this beach is man-made and the sand is imported from either Indonesia, Malaysia or as what my cousin said, Palawan, Philippines. According to my cousin, this was donated by Marcos during his dictatorship in the Philippines. Humm... could it be true? Well, I have yet to find more research on this but whether fact or fiction, the sand is surely therapeutic in between my toes. 
See that? He actually fell asleep haha :)

After the power nap, we hurriedly went to iFly Singapore for our scheduled sky diving adventure. We traded all other rides for this!!! Super awesome experience! Click this link to see the actual video.
Finally, we ended the night by watching the famous Songs of the Sea show for SGD 10. It's a live cast show with dramatic effects and pyrotechnics. Rain or shine the show will go on and you don't want to miss it. It's truly beautiful and mesmerizing :) Photobucket

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