Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Universal Studios Singapore

When we visited Singapore last August 2012, we never knew we will be visiting many places at once because in Universal Studios Singapore, the theme park was divided into 7 themed zones. Somehow, we felt we were able to visit Hollywood, Madagascar, Egypt (The Mummy), The Lost World, and even Far Far Away Land :). 

Universal Studios Singapore is the second theme park in Asia and the first in South East Asia. Of course, being Singapore's neighboring country, we did not let our trip end without experiencing Universal Studios Singapore--the best excuse to act like a kid again mwahaha :)) But first things to get there?

How to get there? The most convenient way to get there is via MRT. Alight at Harbour Front Station and walk towards 3rd floor of Vivo City Shopping Mall. Then, ride the Sentosa Express (SGD 3.50 flat rate) and go down at Water Front Station. The train operates from 7 am to 12 mn daily while the Universal Studios itself operates from  10 am to 7 pm only. 

We went there on a weekday thinking that there will be less people therefore, less queue time for the rides BUT low and behold! when we arrived at 11:am we were greeted by a loooonnggg snake like line for about 30-45 minutes before we finally purchased the ticket. I thought, maybe all tourists think alike and decided to come to Universal Studios on a weekday haha :) So lesson learned! Purchase your tickets online so you will not waste time.

Ticket costs SGD 68 per adult and at non-peak rate so that's about Php 2,285. You can however get additional discounts if 1) your hotel offers tour packages just like in SG Backpacker's Hostel, they offer additional 10% off or 2) wait for Resorts World SG's seasonal promos (you may check the prices here).

FYI: you can purchase the Universal Express or special passes for additional SGD 30-50 which will enable you to skip the long lines inside of Universal Studios. I only suggest getting these tickets if 1) you can afford of course haha, 2) a bit impatient in lining up, or 3) if you plan to maximize your time in say...for half day only because you can ride all attractions the whole day but if you want to make it shorter then avail this special privilege. 
When we went there, the weather was bad. It rained for a few hours hence we weren't able to ride the Galactica Roller Coaster :(. The good news is that we came prepared haha. We brought ponchos a.k.a raincoats bought in the Philippines for about Php 50 (they sell the same kind but it's about SGD 3-4) and I also brought my SLR waterproof case which enabled us to walk the streets of Universal Studios AND take pictures like a boss ;)

Also, as a budget friendly tip: 1) eat lunch outside Universal Studios (if you plan to go there after lunch) because the price for food is so expensive. You can eat at my fave resto, Hong Kong Kim Gary at Vivo City or if you're budget conscious (kuripot) like us, eat at 7-11 near the entrance of USS haha--I know! poor us! :)). 2) you can stash some sandwiches inside your bag because no one checks them anyway and finally, 3) don't forget your tumbler! Water is gold in Singapore haha we were able to save money because of this strategy alone. Water fountains can be found inside the waiting area in most rides (e.g. Transformers and Madagascar) so refill refill refill.
In terms of rides, we were able to ride most of it but I believe the most "ride-worthy" would be Transformers, The Mummy Returns, Galactica, and Shrek 4D for cutesy-cutesy experience. In my opinion, all the other rides appeal for children. 
The Transformers is the best ride for me! TWO THUMBS UP!!! This ride recently opened last April 2012. We waited for almost 1.5 hours for this exhilarating ride but it was super worth it!
Revenge of the Mummy is my pick for second best ride but honestly it was just so-so because I already rode a similar ride in Lotte World Korea last March 2012. If I would compare the two, my vote goes to Lotte World.
FYI: there are locker rental stations available all around the park especially for rides requiring you to leave your bags and belongings behind. It's computerized, key-less, and FREE for around 30 minutes only and beyond that time, you will pay SGD 2-3 per 20-30 minutes and SGD 20 for whole day. This is great for couples with no friends to watch their belongings or for people who simply wants to be hands-free all throughout the day. 
My personal favorite zone would be the Far Far Away Land because of Princess Fiona's grand castle. 
It's my dream to visit a (real) castle someday and become a princess! haha who knows I maybe a queen's long lost great grand daughter and become like Anne Hathaway in Princess Diaries movie hmm...why not?
Finally, the sensational Waterworld Show--the finale of our Universal Studios experience. We decided to do this last because of high chances of getting soaked in water. The live show is full of gun firing, fireworks, stunts, and squirts or splashes of water here and there but overall, it was awesome and soooo much fun! 

There are 3 schedules to choose from (1pm, 3pm, and 5 pm) for this show so make sure you plan your rides accordingly. Take note that the schedule may change without prior notice :)
And to end, Universal Studios Singapore is all about FUN so enjoy the moment and embrace the inner child in you by interacting with your childhood heroes <3


  1. You sure do know where to get good deals. Maybe then you could introduce couponing as well. Also a great way to get tickets.


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