Friday, September 21, 2012

The Majestic Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Jaw drop, wide eyes, raised eyebrows and big smile! That's basically how I looked like after seeing the majestic Marina Bay Sands in Singapore right in front of me--with matching goosebumps too! Sounds exaggerated? But that's the truth! haha. Before, I only see pictures of my Jet setter friends at the top of the building with their lovely infinity pool, spectacular skyline and grand infrastructure photos and it made me want to visit SG for a long long time. 
First thing we did was to explore the Marina Bay Sands Mall. It's a nice place to stroll because you'll see a lot of interesting things like the Sampan Ride. Historically speaking, sampan is the mode of transportation way back in  1800s and it was used for fishing and transporting goods. Now, these boats were replicated so people of today can still experience riding it, this time, along the canal of The Shoppes at the Marina Bay Sands for SGD 10 per person. The sampan ride is suitable for children above 2 years old and it operates daily from 11:30 am until 8:30 pm. You'll have an opportunity to make a wish once you circle the Rain Oculus which gushes 22,000 liters of water per minute from 2 storeys above. 

There's a huge ice skating rink beside the food court where kids can be left alone while parents enjoy shopping.
Outside the mall, you can see the Art Science Museum and we were fortunate to go inside it because of the Harry Potter Exhibit running from June 2 to September 30, 2012. It's actually the first exhibition in Asia and truly a unique Harry Potter immersion where you'll feel like you're in Hogwarts. Though I'm not a Harry Potter die hard fan, we still gave it a try. Honestly, it was so-so for me because you can only see real props and costumes used in all Harry Potter movies. I was expecting it will be interactive but not really--just a museum :) But, I cannot deny that it's heaven for the HP fanatics especially because you can buy authentic HP merchandise right after the tour.
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The ticket costs SGD 24 for adults or around Php 806 and SGD 14 for kids but if you will avail the Andy Warhol package with Harry Potter, it will only cost you SGD 28 for adults and SGD 16 for child rate.
Beautiful water lilies surrounding the Art Science Museum
Next stop was the Marina Bay Sands Skypark. We wanted to go there at night so we can see the spectacular lights and clear skyline of Singapore. It is located at the 63rd floor of the hotel and to enter the Skypark you will pay SGD 20 or Php 672--pricy but it's worth the experience! Also in terms of budget, we realized that we can save money even more if we availed the Skypark and Harry Potter package at the Skypark reception. If we did, we could have saved SGD 10 or Php 336 :)...sayang rin yun right?! haha kurips! (kuripot = thrifty) ;)
BONUS! we were able to witness a shooting for a Chinese action movie at that time! hahah :) Lucky us! However, because of the set, we were not able to see the infinity pool...booo!!!
This photo souvenir supposedly costs SGD 30! But, because many Filipinos work there as a staff, we were given discounts just by speaking in Filipino and saying hi to our very accomodating kababayans :). We only paid SGD 20 and saved SGD 10 hehe. Maybe you can try that when you go there?! Ask for a discount discreetly to your Kababayan (fellow countrymen) and maybe he/she can give you SGD 10 off hehe--parang divisoria lang ;)
This is the floating LV store at Marina Bay.
The Art Science Museum at night! such a lovely sight!
The Singapore Flyer :)
And who wouldn't fall in love with this view? The skyline of Singapore :)

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