Thursday, September 6, 2012

Power Walk: From Clarke Quay to Merlion Park

It is a known fact that walking is the best form of exercise and is also the best way to help Mother nature reduce pollution. Walking is also our best bet to cut your transportation cost when you travel abroad. Yes, it can be tiring and an MRT ride or Taxi can be very tempting but as I always say, strolling along a foreign city is not something you do everyday so DON'T BE LAZY :) and burn those carbs you ate at Wee Nam Kee, Singapore haha.

Clarke Quay and the archetypal symbol of Singapore, the Merlion is one of the most popular tourist spots in their country. Clarke Quay is known for its night life bars usually Irish and British Pubs (with LIVE football coverage!) full of expats while the Merlion is known for its romantic vibe and cover photo worthy for your Facebook account. If you didn't go to the Merlion at the very least, then you're trip to Singapore was worthless! whahahaha just kidding :)

To go to Clarke Quay: Ride MRT to Raffles Place (Green Line #14). Get off and go outside the station. You can see a river on your right so head towards that direction. On your left are the bars while the right side is the Fullerton Hotel which is about a 5 min. walk from Raffles Place MRT.

You have the option to ride the Duck & Hippo cruise in order to see the panoramic view of Clarke Quay, Marina Bay Sands, Esplanade, and the Merlion without a sweat.The Ferry opens at 12nn until 9pm daily and it costs SGD 23 for adults and SGD 17 for child rate for an unlimited day trip. While the 45 mins ride costs SGD 18 for adults and SGD 13 for kids.

We didn't get to ride the Duck & Hippo cruise because we emulated Dora the explorer at that time wahaha. And so we walked towards the bridge fronting Fullerton Hotel so we can go to the Merlion Park.

To go to Merlion Park: Cross the bridge and look for a tunnel like path on your right because at the end of the tunnel is the Merlion Park already.

Unfortunately, we didn't listen to our travel instincts. We didn't realize that going inside the tunnel was the easiest and shortest way to the Merlion Park and we only found the right way going back by accident. What we did was we crossed the huge highway heading towards One Fullerton. NOTE that the highway is not the best way to get to Merlion Park because it's life threatening (in Filipino "Buwis buhay!" haha) but thank God were still alive and kick'n :).
When you're at the Merlion Park, tap your back and say "Congratulations! you've just walked about 1 or 2 whole MRT station and saved some moolah!" now reward yourself with a refreshing ice cold Singaporean Kopi or a snack and enjoy the view. Take as many lovely pictures as you can for memories are the best souvenir you can bring home :)


  1. hi ! may i ask if u brought a tripod just curious on who's taking ur photos? :)) thanks!


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