Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Singapore Foodgasm

According to James Michener, "If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion, and avoid the people, you might better stay home". True! because these are all part of your travelling experience. You travel to experience the fullness of one's country and as they always say, food is a reflection of a country's culture, belief, and way of life. So, I present to you TinCo's top 6 must try foods in Singapore:

1) Wee Nam Kee: Even though we already have a Wee Nam Kee branch here in the Philippines, the famous Hainanese Chicken does not give justice to the AUTHENTIC one in Singapore. We googled their first store located at the Thomson Road, Novena Ville (across Novena Church) to treat our palate with some authentic singaporean dish. When we arrived, it was past 10 pm but it was okay since the restaurant closes at 12:30 pm. Usually this place becomes too crowded during day time because most employees from different multinational companies around the area eats here. When we came, we were lucky to get good seats but unlucky because the servers were too exhausted to serve us..."mejo buraot na sila with the customers! galit galit ang peg! haha".

It is highly recommended to try their Hainanese Chicken w/ rice which ironically is not stated in their menu (solo for SGD 4 or around Php 134) and their oh so yummy Cereal Prawns (small for SGD 17 or around Php 575). I can say that the chicken tastes differently compared to the Wee Nam Kee here in the Philippines. I can't describe their differences because I am no food blogger and my descriptive words are limited :)) but all I can say is that it's heaven! :) Same as the cereal prawns--it's a bit spicy but divine ;)

Backpackers SG: Cool, Comfy and Cheap

When we booked our Singapore flight last year, I was a bit hesitant because my friends and my sister would always say that traveling to Singapore is very expensive. Being a budget traveller, flying to Singapore served as a big challenge to my budget-ability :) haha! And so my research began few months before our trip.
I came across a website called Hostelworld.com. It's a website for hostels and B&Bs worldwide! And I can say it is legit because 1) we were able to successfully transact with them and 2) it's the most trusted website according to Lonely Planet.
We booked our hostel through Hostel World and booked one of the cheapest yet very convenient, cozy, and worth both our money and experience in Backpackers SG. Sadly, they don't have a website of their own but they are found in various hostel and B&B websites anyway. We chose this over the other 3-4 hostels that we've pre-selected because of the following:

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The JUAN I Really Love!!!

It's the time of the year where we hoard tickets (again) thanks to my best budget friendly airline...tandadaaaaan! Cebu Pacific! :)

Last night..or should I say awhile ago as in 3:00 am in the morning I couldn't sleep because something was bothering me. Good thing I didn't sleep because sakto lang when Cebu Pacific released their much awaited piso fare!!!

I WENT GAGA OVER THE TICKETS LITERALLY! hahaha And I can't wait till next year for our booked trips. It's surprisingly very cheap this time and probably THE CHEAPEST EVER TICKET I GOT because we were able to get tickets for the following:

South Korea- Php 1,927
Taiwan- Php 970
Shanghai- Php 1,494
Dipolog- Php 779

NOTE: Rate is for BACK AND FORTH ALL IN for 1 adult.

You see, I always tell my friends my golden rule which I included in my previous post "BE PATIENT and wait for a promo flight" because it will automatically cut down your expenses so you can spend it to other things like shopping and food trip!

and to those who are skeptic about piso fare...well, I tell you this, Piso fare is REAL! You just have to choose the best deal haha rhyming! :) It's actually my favorite "holiday" next to Christmas and Valentine's Day haha. Anyway, though I will only go to Taiwan and Shanghai next year, I included the other purchases I made for my mom (Dipolog) and my BF's Dad (Korea) to give you an idea about the piso fare.

Next week, I'm off to Singapore and Malaysia and I'm so excited for the things I will be sharing once I get back :) So hold on tight my friends, more travel and budget tips from yours truly, TinCo!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

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