Monday, June 11, 2012

Love at First Bite

It's our 5th Anniversary! <3 meaning... IT'S ME DAY (daw haha)

Every year, my boyfriend always surprise me to a fine dining experience in one of the most exquisite restos in the Metro. We've tried numerous restos like Antonio's Tagayatay, Bistro Filipino by Chef Laudico, Je Suis Gourmand etc. but this time, he surprised me at Lolo Dad's Cafe in Malate because according to his research, Lolo Dad's Cafe is one of the Top 10 Romantic Restaurants in Manila which is perfect for our special day :)

Aside from this title given to the restaurant, Lolo Dad's Cafe is very close to my heart because it's my High School friend's family business. My friend, Michelle Ayuyao, is the eldest grand daughter of Lolo Dodo and she's the brainchild of the restaurant's unique name. Cute! :)

Lolo Dad's Cafe is definitely a must try (though a bit pricey) because dining here takes you to a new dimension where there's collision between great intimate-romantic vibe and superb food and service at the heart of the ever busy Malate Manila.

It's so easy to locate Lolo Dad's Cafe because it's along President Quirino Avenue cor Leon Guinto and near the LRT station. Parking lot is hard though with limited slots but I think it's okay since the resto has limited seating capacity to preserve the intimate dining experience.

In terms of ambiance, I give it two thumbs up because their garden will prep your mood as soon as you enter the gate and into the receiving area. The ambiance is very homey and classy which reminds me of my cousin's modern living room haha. Oh, and how can you not fall in love with the open kitchen set-up? It's like in the movies where rich men would take their woman to an exclusive dining experience inside a famous chef's kitchen. That's really how I felt at that time. It's so cool to see the chef and staff cooking some magic d-lish food.

For starters, we were given some complimentary warm bread with matching salted butter. It was sooooo good! I wish I could have asked for more haha :)
We ordered Ahi Tuna Loin and Marinated Salmon Mixed Greens and English Mustard Aioli (Php 390) for appetizer. I really love the Ahi Tuna with wasabi topped with grilled watermelons--it was to die for!!! and a surprise combination indeed haha!
To warm our tummies, we ordered Double Espresso of Mushroom and Tomato Soup with Salted Fleuron Sticks (Php 320).
And to clean our palate, we were given a complimentary Calamansi Sherbet before the main course. The presentation was awesome because of the foggy aka dry ice effect--makes you not eat the teaspoonful of sherbet because it will just ruin the design.
For the much awaited main course, we ordered Pan-fried Fillet of Seabass with Blue Crab Potatoes and Smoked Salmon Filled Mushooms in Oyster Cream Sauce (Regular Portion: Php 1,320 and Modest portion: Php 792).

and Herb De Provence Crusted Rack of Lab with Three Cheese Risotto (Roquefort, Gruyere and Parmesan) Forty Melted Garlic and Tomato Confit' (Regular Portion: Php 1,525+ and Modest Portion: Php 915+). Honestly, we're not the "medium rare" type of meat eaters because I find blood in meat "malansa" but surprisingly, the lamb was cooked perfectly! Super yummy and even just a piece will make you full...provided that you eat at a slow pace (para feel na feel and pagka-fine dinning talaga haha).

Actually, i thought eating in Lolo Dad's on a strict budget will leave us still half full but you know what...there was no more room for dessert after our main dish haha. Next time we visit, we'll surely try the desserts for a change :)

Full and satisfied thanks to my Egiya (Baby in Korean)!!!
Happy tummy and love at first bite only in Lolo Dad's Cafe <3


  1. Oooh! I want to try this too :-) thanks for sharing

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  2. everything you ordered looks good! :)


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