Sunday, June 24, 2012

And I Shall Return...

Q: Anong sabi ng poop (haha pa-cute!) na ayaw mag flush sa toilet? (Okay, in English: What did the poop say when it didn't want to be flushed down the toilet? ~~woohh nosebleed!)
A: “I shall returrrrrnnn!!!”
Ngek. Hahaha :) Pardon my corniness in attempt to make my intro catchy haha!

Anyway, last Septmeber 2010, I went to Corregidor Island with a friend and my boyfriend for an overnight adventure. I wasn’t blogging at that time so I’ll try to reminisce our adventure and WWII ghost hunting experience.
Our trip was organized by Sun Cruises Inc., at that time I believe we only paid Php 3,000/pax and the package includes a Twin/Double room with free breakfast for 2 (total cost divided by 3) and a day tour with free buffet lunch. Now, prices has increased but it’s still affordable. Check the new rates here as of March 2012.

We arrived Harbor Square in Roxas Boulevard by 9:30 am to get ready for the 11 am departure time. We rode the FREE WOW Philippines Jeepney going to the dock, which is located beside The Jumbo Palace Restaurant.

The travel time from Manila to Corregidor Island is just a little over an hour that’s why I highly suggest adventurers, families and students to visit Correigdor for a unique adventure and history combined.

We arrived just in time for a buffet lunch at the Kiosk and after that, we immediately hopped on the Tramvia for the tour. Each Tramvia has one tour guide and you can choose which group to join (Filipino, English, or Japanese speaking guide). We chose the English group and we were lucky because the guide is a WWII survivor. He was very witty and of course full of insights and information to share.

The tour was super sulit because we went to different places and actually toured almost the whole island. It’s a great place to practice your photography and modeling skills too for a picture perfect cover photo or primary photo in Facebook haha :)

We were able to visit the Manuel Quezon, Sergio Osmena, and the Filipino Woman Park, The Filipino Heroes Memorial, The Pacific War Memorial and the Japanese Garden of Peace.

This is the Spanish Lighthouse. You can go up to its view deck to see the Manila Bay, Bataan, Batangas, and South China Sea in full 360 degrees. There’s also a waypoint market at the plaza’s center to know the distance between our neighboring countries.
We also explored the Middleside Barracks, Battery Way, Battery Hearn, Battery Grubbs, and passed by the Mile Long Barracks. FYI: These barracks are full of mosquitoes since these places are old and forest-y type. So, don’t ever leave home without bringing a mosquito repellent that could last the whole day like what we’ve used, Pest Off Anti Mosquito Patch! We were 100% mosquito bite free…for real! :) Oh! Plus, it’s hassle free and sticky-free unlike the lotion type of repellents (great for adventure type places especially if you're in a hot destination!).
Next, we viewed the famous Malinta Tunnel’s Light and Sound Show. It’s a 30-minute life-size diorama show featuring the important events of the different invasions. The show is directed by the very first National Artist for Film, Lamberto V. Avellan. Oh did you know that the tunnel got its name, “Malinta” because the place was literally full of leeches before the construction. It is also bombproof btw! The Light and Sound show is optional for tourists and you can choose to pay (or not) a very affordable Php 150 for the experience.

For the exciting part of the tour, we explored the Old Hospital at night! This is the highlight of our tour because it’s time foooorrrr GHOSTBUSTERS! Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!!! Haha :) But really, the Old Hospital is the creepiest place in the island—yes, we all agree that the wind was cooler than usual, that orbs in our photos become apparent, and that we had Goosebumps once in a while… awoooo!
In the morning, we were suppose to get up at 4.30 am for the sunrise and hiking activity (optional at Php 250) but we were so tired and decided to just swim and relax in the Corregidor Inn for free.
Corregidor is one of my top choices when you want to have a vacation over the weekend. It’s an alternative to the cliché destinations that’s just few hours away from Manila. Visit Corregidor preferably on a sunny day and appreciate our history :) I'm sure once you try visiting the island you will also say...

"I Shall Return!"

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