Tuesday, June 26, 2012

NEW And Improved Look

This is my NEW blog banner woot woot! I hope you guys like it more than the old one haha :)
Old Blog Banner:

Monday, June 25, 2012

Love And Adventure To The Next Level

This is for you Steffi :) ...oh! Mr. and Mrs. Idian haha

June 10, 2012

Union of two hearts
Don Bosco Parish Church

The beautiful bride :)

To infinity and beyond...

First bride in our barkada :)

Congrats and best wishes!!!! Pls. go and multiply haha :)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

And I Shall Return...

Q: Anong sabi ng poop (haha pa-cute!) na ayaw mag flush sa toilet? (Okay, in English: What did the poop say when it didn't want to be flushed down the toilet? ~~woohh nosebleed!)
A: “I shall returrrrrnnn!!!”
Ngek. Hahaha :) Pardon my corniness in attempt to make my intro catchy haha!

Anyway, last Septmeber 2010, I went to Corregidor Island with a friend and my boyfriend for an overnight adventure. I wasn’t blogging at that time so I’ll try to reminisce our adventure and WWII ghost hunting experience.
Our trip was organized by Sun Cruises Inc., at that time I believe we only paid Php 3,000/pax and the package includes a Twin/Double room with free breakfast for 2 (total cost divided by 3) and a day tour with free buffet lunch. Now, prices has increased but it’s still affordable. Check the new rates here as of March 2012.

We arrived Harbor Square in Roxas Boulevard by 9:30 am to get ready for the 11 am departure time. We rode the FREE WOW Philippines Jeepney going to the dock, which is located beside The Jumbo Palace Restaurant.

The travel time from Manila to Corregidor Island is just a little over an hour that’s why I highly suggest adventurers, families and students to visit Correigdor for a unique adventure and history combined.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Love at First Bite

It's our 5th Anniversary! <3 meaning... IT'S ME DAY (daw haha)

Every year, my boyfriend always surprise me to a fine dining experience in one of the most exquisite restos in the Metro. We've tried numerous restos like Antonio's Tagayatay, Bistro Filipino by Chef Laudico, Je Suis Gourmand etc. but this time, he surprised me at Lolo Dad's Cafe in Malate because according to his research, Lolo Dad's Cafe is one of the Top 10 Romantic Restaurants in Manila which is perfect for our special day :)

Aside from this title given to the restaurant, Lolo Dad's Cafe is very close to my heart because it's my High School friend's family business. My friend, Michelle Ayuyao, is the eldest grand daughter of Lolo Dodo and she's the brainchild of the restaurant's unique name. Cute! :)

Lolo Dad's Cafe is definitely a must try (though a bit pricey) because dining here takes you to a new dimension where there's collision between great intimate-romantic vibe and superb food and service at the heart of the ever busy Malate Manila.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

5 Years and Counting

This video is for my travel buddy, my best friend, my confidante, my protector, and my source of inspiration. I want to tell the world (through world wide web!) how much I love you :) and I thank God for giving you to me because you and I...we create magic! whahaha naks! :)

Egiya, cheers to our 5th and counting! :) Sarangheyo!
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