Sunday, May 6, 2012

Summer Lovin' in Boracay

After weeks, months or maybe years spent in the gym for a beach ready body or the love-hate affair with your modern diet program, finally, judgment day has come—SUMMER IN BORACAY. It’s the time of the year where Summer Heat + Beach & Booze + Sexy Bods collide in one “IT” island.

Boracay is said to be the melting point of all gimmick places in Manila and not to mention that every school/university is well represented here, as if you can form a grand reunion or some sort. Here, you’ll literally meet old and new friends or friends of friends every 10-20 minutes while strolling down the shore or squeezing in the dance floor (Note that this may only be true during super peak months like April).

There are a lot of things to do in the Island. Although I’d be honest, I wasn’t able to try the recreational activities there such as the helmet diving, parasailing, flying fish, ATV riding, snorkeling, island hopping, cliff diving, scuba diving, hiking and many more because my group and I prefer to just hang out, spot people while sipping various shakes and enjoy happy hour by the beach—such a bummer, I know! But what else can you expect?
It’s only in Boracay where the word “beach bum” truly embodies the whole Boracay experience. THIS IS THE BORACAY LIFE. You wake up around lunch time, eat one heavy meal (at least), start drinking thanks to the early happy hours (usually 3-8pm), dance, nap a little, then drink some more, have fun, and go home after sun rise.haha
Although we bummed around most of the time, we still managed to experience the Boracay life in 5 ways:

Jonah's Fruit Shake Store picture taken from google pics.
1) Jonah’s Fruit Shake (Station 1)- This is THE BEST FRUIT SHAKE in the island!!! Period. You must try their best seller avocado shake, mango shake, mango-strawberry shake, melon-mango shake, and choco peanut with banana. Prices vary depending on the flavor but it’s about Php 95 to Php 180.

Chori Burger picture taken from google pics
2) Chori Burger- Chori Burger or Chorizo Burger is a cheap thrill snack and/or pulutan in Boracay. It’s a simple grilled chorizo with either sweet or hot thick sauce placed on a hamburger bun. The taste is so addictive and it only cost Php 40 each!

3) Go Bar Hopping- Bar hopping begins once we bid adieu to Mr. Sun and welcome the bright moonlight. There are so many bars to choose from depending on the type of crowd you like. From silent chill nights, rock bands, music jam, party animal aka wild ones, expat-full bar, gay bars, or socialite bars like Epic, White House, Tides, etc… The latter is usually the hot spot for big events like Republic, Meg Magazine, and other events alike. Oh, sometimes bars charge an entrance fee of around Php 100 (ex. Juice Bar) to Php 300 (ex. Epic bar) with free drinks. But majority of the bars in Boracay are free, meaning “Come one, come all!” and let the “What happens in Boracay, stays in Boracay” becomes a reality.

4) Enjoy Happy Hour- Unfortunately, Boracay’s goods and commodities can be really expensive or over priced so the next best thing to do (if you want to start the party mood on haha) is to load up some drinks before it gets dark and prices go high-errr haha. Happy hours differ from one bar to another but generally they start around 3pm ish till 7 or 8pm.

D'Mall picture take from google pics
5) Shop or stroll around D’Mall- In the morning, you can stroll around D’Mall and find cute stuff or souvenir for your loved ones at home. If shopping is not your thing, you can always go for an adventure type of activity like water sports, island hopping, city tour, or what else? but FOOD TRIP! :)

Happy Summer everyone!
On my next post, I’ll show you my Bora expenses ;) watch out for it!
**NOTE: I brought my SLR during the trip but it was too bulky and such a hassle to bring (due to heavy rains and beer shower at night) so all pictures are from my friends' digicam. Thank you Cler, Kix, Cherie, and Patty for the pics!!! :) labyou!

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