Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Must Have For A Wet N Wild Party

Ready for a wet n wild parteh?

In my Boracay post, I mentioned that all pictures are from my friends because I was too scared to bring out my camera at night due to the rain and occasional beer shower haha. So after that trip, I realized that I need a waterproof casing accessory for my SLR...

And....tadaaaa! this is it! My latest purchase, an Aquamate SLR Waterproof Casing :) I bought this in an online store for only Php 490--not bad because the material seems legit and high quality anyway.

Aquamate Waterproof Casing protects your camera from dirt, sand and water. It can capture splendid aka high res underwater moments up to 3m/9ft and it is also ideal for outdoors, beach, pool, hiking and other extreme activities. Exciting! Now I can't wait to try this out for my next trip in Singapore :)


  1. sis, may i know where did u bought this waterproof case? thanks! :)

    1. I got it from cash cash pinoy website before. It was on sale :) I believe there are a lot of sites selling cases for SLR, iPads etc now a days check them out nalang.


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