Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bangkok 2011 Expenses

Click on the image to see it clearly :)

This was last year's Bangkok expenses which I forgot to post. My college blockmates and I went there for 4 days and 3 nights and with a very specific goal in mind--to shop till we drop! oh! and to go see the elephants (which we didn't huhu) and to watch one of the shows in Patpong ooohhh haha.

But as you can see, Bangkok is a great tourist destination for newbies because it's very very cheap! So cheap that you can go there ALL IN with only Php 15,000 well, minus the shopping and pasalubong that is.

For this trip, I spent a lot of money shopping in Chatuchak, MBK, and Platinum. With these three shopping haven--super solve ka na! what more if you will go to other shopping areas? I bet you'll be broke after the trip. Also, can I just say that I'm not usually the "galante" type when it comes to buying gifts for my family but when I visited Bangkok, I gave my whole family tons of clothes, accessories, and bags at least 3 items per person :) So prepare your eco bag, comfy sandals, and go crazy with retail therapy.


  1. Hi Tin. How did you pull off the Patpong ping pong show with 167 baht. Let me know please. Thanks! :)

    1. Hi Sil, to answer your question... we NEGOTIATED as in the "super sigurista" way haha :) It was hard honestly because Patpong district is really scary and full of deception (according to the researches we read through the internet). But, if you and your friends show the bar receptionists that you guys are aware of their "modus" then they will not fool you. I suggest you talk to the manager (like what we did haha--super praning lang?!), clear things out first (regarding fees and package) and then pay before you enter to avoid additional fees.

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