Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What's in my bag?

Because I'm no fashion blogger and I can't show you what I wore for the day, I will give you a sneak peak of my travel essentials instead :)

These are the things I bring inside my bag whenever I travel for international trip. I always bring a big "basura bag" because I prepare like a true Girl Scout ala Dora the Explorer ;)

[From left to right]

1) Apple Green Body Shop Kikay Kit
2) Transparent Apple Green Pouch (Free from Garnier)-- Medicine Kit, Alcohol, and Odor Away Drops...for "call of nature moments" ;) If you know what I mean... hahaha
3) Bag Organizer from Local Department Store--a must especially if you decide to bring a Longchamp (highly discouraged though, especially when travelling to 3rd world countries) bag because 1) it organizes your stuff and 2) based from experience (Bangkok mishaps), it can serve as a 2nd protection against slashing thieves.
4) Feng Shui Amulets--because I'm a feng shui guru as well ;) These key chains protect me while I travel around the world. *Ommm......
5) DLSU Rosary
6) Small pouches containing stuff like my passport, scanned IDs, flight itinerary, tour itinerary, and ballpen
7) Sunnies from Kate Spade
8) Ice Cream coin purse--to keep my maleta keys from vanishing
9) Petroleum Jelly
10) Earphones and Ipod (not in photo)
11) Tic-Tac Mints for extra sugar and in case my breath expires wahaha :P
12) Inflatable Neck Pillow from Daiso--because I'm cheap that way! whahaha Inflatable talaga! :))
13) Money Organizer from GH Tiangge--My wallet has 4 separate zippers so I can segregate my Dollars, Peso, other currencies and some coins. This is very helpful but oftentimes I get confused which zipper to open :)

So there! Vamonos! :D



  1. oohh..... meron pla odor-away drops! hehehe..... it's so helpful for travellers! thanks for your blog.....


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