Friday, April 6, 2012

Lotte World: A World Of Magic And Fantasy

Lotte World is the largest indoor theme park in the world and it is regarded as the “Disneyland” Koreanified. This is a nice place to be with your family and loved ones all year round because they are open 365 days from morning till evening. Thanks to the glass dome ceiling, you can enjoy the Adventure regardless of the weather.
How to get there? Going to Lotte World is very easy. Ride the subway going to Jamsil Stn. then exit at #4. Look for the signs going to Lotte World. You will know that you’re in the right place if you see the big replica of Trevi Fountain inside the complex—a photo opportunity where you feel like you’re in two places at once haha Rome meets Seoul :)

Fees: Passport (free access to all facilities including Folk Museum): Adult 40,000 KWN (Php 1,600), Teen 35,000 KWN (Php 1,400), Children 31,000 KWN (Php 1,240)
Admission (no rides but free performance viewing): Adult 25,000 KWN (Php 1,000), Teen 22,000 KWN (Php 880), and Children 19,000 KWN (Php 760)
Note: Click this link for more information about ticket price. 1) Tickets can be bought next to the entrance of Lotte World. 2) Free admission for children under age 3. 3) For those who plan to stay all day, passport tickets will be the most convenient to buy. 4) But if you plan to visit Lotte World after 4 pm, take advantage of the evening discounted tickets. You can still have enough time to enjoy the rides because it closes at around 10 pm.
BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! You can get over 50% off discount on your passport tickets with the help of the “Scalpers”. Yes, you read that right! Scalpers! And it’s not only in Araneta concert shows or UAAP games where you can encounter them but also in a first world country like Korea haha. And thanks to them, we only paid 25,000 KWN (Php 1,000) that’s 15,000 KWN or around Php 600 off on the original price!
However, word of caution, buying tickets to these scalpers can be very risky especially to foreigners with language barrier. We were lucky because we had our “in-house” Korean translator, my boyfriend, and he was the one who negotiated with the scalpers. But if you are a brave soul and you are sure that you can negotiate clearly with these scalpers then go ahead. To spot them: go near the entrance or establishments around the Lotteria fast food (few meters away from the entrance). Surely, there will be someone who’ll approach you with tickets on hand. Try to ask about it but as a rule of thumb, always insist on paying the tickets once you’re already inside Lotte World entrance (at least). No cash outs until you receive the tickets okay?

There’s so much to do in Lotte World. It is the world’s largest indoor theme park and it is also regarded as a city within a city because of its complex life town (CLT) features. Practically, it’s tourism, leisure activities, shopping, cultural events and sports all in one place. The theme park is divided into two parts—indoor or called Adventure Land with 4 levels and outdoor or Magic Island where the horrifying rides are located.

Outside Lotte World lies the iconic “Disney” castle <3 It was surreal to see those blue and white castle just like Sleeping Beauty’s J The rides in Lotte World are more family/child friendly as compared to Everland. Although we weren’t able to try the famous outdoor rides like the Atlantic Adventure, Gyro Drop, Gyro Swing, Bungee Drop, and Waikiki Wave because it was raining, but surely, nothing beats my T-Express rollercoaster ride in Everland!

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to visit the Folk Museum and rode only few attractions inside Lotte World because of the long queue dominated by many school kids and K-couples. In an estimate, we waited for 45-90 mins. per ride and take note, we went there on a weekday :O what more on weekends. Anyway, I highly recommend you try the World Monorail, French Revolution, Pharaoh’s Furry, and the Aeronauts Balloon Ride. But make sure to check the map and go straight to these rides first and try to go around the theme park after taking these rides to avoid the long waiting time.
Note: there are lockers for almost every corner of the theme park where you can rent to keep your belongings safe and there are a lot of restaurants and food carts to feast on. But keep your entrance tickets in your pocket since you will need to show this before every ride.

Lotte World has must see shows as well. We were lucky to spot 2 parades, the Disney characters’ parade and the Light Show parade at night.

I saw Tinkerbell too! woohoo :)

After your Lotte World adventure, you can go around the Lotte department store. It looks like Rustan’s supermarket and department store—complete with luxury brands for make-up, perfume, clothes and bags. But if you want a more enjoyable supermarket experience, I suggest you go to Lotte Mart located few meters from the ticketing booth (though I prefer the Lotte Mart in Seoul Station). This is the best place to buy small treats as pasalubong because of the irresistible promos and bundled goods at a low price! Just don’t forget to insert 100 KWN coin as a deposit fee for push cart rental as you fill those carts with ginseng tea, Maxim coffee (my faaave), cookies, and sweets just like us haha J oh! and make sure to return the carts to its proper place after your shopping to get your coin back! Talk about responsible shoppers ;)


  1. Good post....thanks for sharing.. very useful for me i will bookmark this for my future needs. Thanks.

  2. hi! do u know if there is train or bus from lotte world going to the incheon airport? we will be going there then to the airport for our evening flight back to manila.. thank u in advance.. :)

    1. hi grace, for sure there's a train because that's how we got there (through Jamsil station exit 4). You can use the train to go back to the airport but if you will bring your luggages then it might be a little hard especially if there are stairs and train transfers. For the bus going straight to the airport...that I'm not sure :) You can research more about it or maybe ask around :)

  3. Hi!! Thanks for the info about Lotte World! My friend and are are thinking of going soon, and we're trying to get tickets from the scalpers. We're not sure what you mean by trying to get the tickets off them until after you enter lotte world. Wouldn't we need tickets to get into Lotte World first?


    1. Hi Derek, getting your tickets from a "scalper" can be risky ah :) since you might be lost in translation haha but with careful and clear negotiation I guess you can give it a try.

      When I say secure your tickets first then pay the scalper once you get through the entrance of lotte world I mean literally inside lotte world :) The theme park kasi is located in a mall (see the first picture above) you are required to scan the tickets before you "officially" enter Lotte World. In the picture above, once you pass through the metal thing then you pay the scalper in a discreet way somewhere in a corner :) Kasi after passing through the metal entrance may escalator na yun going up to the rides! :)

      Hope I was able to let you visualize what needs to be done! Good luck and enjoy Lotte World!

  4. Hello!love your coat. where'd you get it? :)

    1. Hi Kdliza! Thanks! :) bought my coat in Greenhills shopping center :)

    2. Is the coat effective against the cold weather in Korea? I'm looking for stores where I can buy winter wear na hindi OA ang price. *o*

    3. Definitely YES! :) Go to GH or ukay2 if you're okay with that. I have 2 coats from Ukay2...BRANDED! One Uniqlo the other I think Zara :)

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  6. Hi Tin. I find your blog very useful esp for a travel addict like me. It's my first time to visit South Korea and I'll be traveling this November with my boyfriend and sister. (yes! this early I'm starting to plan our IT, that's how excited I am). hehe. I hope you could accommodate my questions. :)
    1. Since we will be traveling first week of Novermber, what do you think is the most ideal date to apply for a visa? Can we apply on the first week of October since we will be needing bank certificate for the past 6 months (April-Spetember)
    2. We are only planning to visit just one theme park on our visit. Which of the two (Lotteworld or Everland) can you recommend? Can you enlighten us with some pros and cons of each park? Btw, we are all not fans of extreme rides.

    Thank you very much. :)

    1. Hi Kris!! thanks :) anyway it's never too early to plan naman!!! weeee!!! so excited for your Korea trip!!! I'm sure you will love the place :) anyway, to answer your questions:

      1. Ideally, you apply a visa few weeks before your trip because you can't specify the date of your flight! and you would want to have a valid visa during the duration of your stay in Korea so hindi pwede yung too early ang filing tapos pag time niyo na umalis then pa-expire na visa mo haha :) sakto lang dapat so 2-3 weeks before your trip in my opinion is fine :)
      2. Since you're travelling with your BF and sister (which I assume is not a kid anymore?), you may want to visit Everland vs Lotteworld since Lotteworld is fit for young children while Everland naman may mga hardcore rides for adults!!! try their death-defying roller coaster T-Express!!!! :)

      There! I hope I was able to help you clarify some of your concerns!! good luck planning!

  7. Hello there, thanks for ur blog. I have a question: Are they so strict about the kind of ticket u have? I remember when we went there last June 2012, I bought an After 4pm-admission ticket only that costs KRW21,000 then. But we were able to use the rides. It was a Saturday so there were a lot of people and the queue was long. We're going next month and I'm planning of spending 1 whole weekday there. Can I get an all-day admission ticket still? Thank you.

  8. Hello can you give me tip on where to go in korea? And by the way, what is needed before i plan my trip there? Thank you! I admire your blog ��


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