Monday, April 2, 2012

Everland, TINCOrbell’s Neverland

Tincorbell. This was my alias back in High School because of my love for Tinkerbell. I remember I would always write on our blackboard that “I do believe in fairies, I do, I do” and then my teacher would get mad at me (and some of my Disney princesses friends haha—shout out to my best friend CLERiel!) for vandalizing our board and wasting chalk—which I pretended it was pixie dust!
Talk about being childish or more like young at heart haha J but please don’t judge me right away! Being young at heart is totally healthy and it’s a beautiful thing! It means that you’re carefree, you know how to have fun, you have a youthful outlook and can laugh at yourself J So going back, being in Tinkerbell’s persona and finally experiencing Neverland err…EVERLAND in Korea for the first time was like a dream come true. Well, I’ve never been to Disneyland or Universal Studio and the only amusement parks I’ve been to includes Glicos in Quad 2, Star City, Boom na Boom and of course, Enchanted Kingdom. But that’s it…so can you imagine how giddy I was when my family and I went to EVERLAND?! One day was not enough being in the 4th largest theme park in the world. But just like my other posts, I’d like to share with you my happy experiences by giving information on how to get there, how to save money, and how to have a blast in Everland.
How to get there? There are many ways to get to Everland. You may check out their website and plot the nearest and most convenient way from your starting point but for us, we used the subway + bus because it’s faster and cheaper than tours.
Leave early from your area and go to Gangnam Station (Subway Line 2), exit at #10. Then, walk straight around 200m and look for the bus stop. NOTE! Remember the landmark around the bus stop so you will not get lost upon return.
Take bus no. 5002 to Everland. When you enter the bus, you can pay using T-money or cash for around KWN 2,200 (Php 88). If you chose to use T-money, make sure to “scan” again your card when going down. Travel time is about 40-50 mins.

Go down at Everland bus station (big parking lot) and transfer to Everland’s FREE shuttle service. Travel time from the station is about 5 mins. and the shuttle will drop you off exactly at the entrance of the park.

When going back, follow the same route. Be mindful that you should ride the bus 5002 going to Gangnam not bus 5002 going to the next destination after Everland. Ask the driver if the route is going back to Gangnam before riding. You should also check the LED signs above the bus if in doubt. When you’re in Gangnam get off the bus once you see the landmarks from your starting point. You can always tell the driver to inform you when you will go down, I’m sure he will gladly do it for tourists.
Operating Hours: 09:30-22:00 (Mon-Sat) / 09:00-22:00 (Sunday & Holidays) *but some rides end around 6-7 pm.
Admission Fees: * One-day Pass- Daytime: Adults 40,000 won (Php 1,600) / Teenagers 34,000 won (Php 1,360) / Children 31,000 won (Php 1,240)
* Admission Ticket (no rides)- Daytime: Adults 33,000 won (Php 1,320) / Teenagers 28,000 won (Php 1,120)/ Children 25,000 won (Php 1,000)
BUT! You can get almost 10% discount by printing the group discount coupon (4 pax per coupon). This is available for foreigners only so go ahead and print screen all you want by clicking this link here!
Everland is one of the most popular places in Korea for families, friends, and couples. It is the home of over 40 heart-pounding rides and attractions and it is divided into five sections: American Adventure, Magic Land, European Adventure, Zoo Topia and Roller Coasters, in addition to the Global Fair. There are tons of rides to choose from but here are some of the recommended activities for you to try:
Indoor Activities: Pororo 3D adventure, Global Village, Spooky Fun House, Mystery Mansion, Rotating House, Space Tour, Safari World, Animal Wonder Stage and Friendly Monkey Valley

Exciting Zoo: Bird Paradise, Animal Wonder Stage, Petting Zoo and Safari World where white tigers, tigers, lions and bears roam around freely, providing guests with an up-close look at these amazing TRAINED creatures (Yes, trained like a dog! haha the bear can wave Aneyeong and can twirl like a ballerina--say wuuut?!!)
My "death defying look" haha :)
Thrill Rides: Hurricane, Double Rock Spin, Let’s Twist, Rolling X-Train, T Express, Flume Ride, Columbus Adventures and Championship Rodeo
Photos courtesy of Rastuso

Quick Facts about T Express: With a 77-degree incline, "T Express" is the steepest wooden roller coaster in the world, as of March 2011. The South Korea attraction reaches a top speed of 64.6 miles per hour and is 183 feet and 9 inches tall. "T Express" was opened in March 2008, and the track is just over a mile long.

Fantastic Fairyland: Racing Coaster, Ball House, Magic Swing, Aesop’s House & Fable Garden, Peter Pan, Flying Elephant, Royal Jubilee Carousel etc...

Everland is also known for its gorgeous flower arrangements and beautiful gardens, which have been year-round fixtures since the Rose Festival in 1985. When we went there, the tulip garden was closed in preparation for the Tulip festival which unfortunately happened the day after we went there. But try to catch their Rose festival (May-June), Summer Splash (June-Sep), Happy Holloween (Sep-Oct) and Winter Wonderland (Nov-early Mar) festivals.

It is said that Everland is where “Dreams become reality, the Land of Year-Round Festivals” therefore you and your family will surely have a blast in this place. This is the actual map of Everland. It’s humongous therefore plot your way around the park to maximize your time. Oh, I highly recommend that you visit Everland on a weekday because waiting time for the famous rides can be frustrating. We went there on a Thursday but on an average, we spent 25-40 mins. waiting for our turn especially in the T Express roller coaster.
If you have no choice but to go there on a weekend, I suggest you get a Q Pass and inquire about it thoroughly at the information center. Q Pass is a timed reserve queue number for “in demand rides” such as the Amazon Express, Safari World, and the world’s steepest wooden roller coaster, the T Express. What you need to do is to 1) confirm the attractions to the 3 said rides, 2) go to the attraction of your choice and make a reservation and get your Q Pass issued (1 ticket per person) 3) enjoy the rest of the park while Q Pass saves your place in line and 4) arrive at the reserved time and gain access to the ride with your Q Pass attraction. Voila! Instant “VIP treatment” whahaha—so first world right?! J I love it!
I love Everland because it’s my first taste of “Neverland”—where for a moment I had Peter Pan Syndrome and I wanted to be a kid if not forever…at least for one whole day! J


  1. Hi tin!

    what time did you leave everland? is there a night parade and fireworks?

    1. Hi Kdliza, I can't remember anymore but you have to leave very early since you need to travel pa by bus.


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