Thursday, April 12, 2012

Commuter's Ultimate Guide to Full House

Who wouldn’t love the infamous superstar, Rain? He is one of Korea’s finest actors of his time who starred in various K-dramas such as A Love to Kill, Sang Doo! Let’s go to School and my all time favorite, Full House. Rain also appeared in some Hollywood films like Speed Racer and Ninja Assassin. He is a total performer and a chick magnet. Rain’s Full House drama is the first K-drama I watched and I fell in love with him and the Korean culture ever since.
The Full House shooting place is definitely a bucket list for K-pop lovers and coming to this house completes the K-drama/pop experience in Korea. Last March 2011, I wasn’t able to visit this magical house due to limited time but, a year after (2012); I made sure to visit this place.

While doing some research, I honestly had a hard time finding clear directions going to Sido Island (where Full House is) and most reviews would say that going there is really hard and full of hassle. But I say, it’s not that bad after all—unless you are willing to shell out USD 50 for a tour package as compared to our commuter friendly price of around KWN 12,800+ or Php 512 TOTAL. Thus, I provide you The Ultimate Guide to THE Full House for commuters.

How to get there?
1. Take Subway to Unseo Station (Airport Raildroad Line). Travel Time - 30-40 mins. from Seoul Station. You can use T-Money and this will cost you around KWN 4,000.
2. There are 2 options going to Sammok Ferry Terminal, either by bus or taxi.
Option 1: Bus -Look for nearby Lotte Mart located at the left side after you exit the subway. Go inside and exit in the opposite side and walk to the right around 50 meters. You will find a small bus stop. Cross the street to the bus stop in the opposite side. Ride no. 710 Bus but ask if this will pass by Sammok Ferry. If yes, then ask the driver to drop you there. You will know you’re near the port if you can see the sea! Duh! Haha. Travel time is about 15 mins. and it’ll cost you, KWN 1,100/per person (can use T-money).

- Disadvantage: Since you’re in the province, buses come only once in about 30-40 mins. When we went there, we waited for 1 ½ hours because we failed to ride the first bus that passed by and we waited for the bus at the wrong bus stop (that’s why you should cross the street!). There was a bus #710 but making “para po!” is very useless haha! How silly of us to try to stop the bus out of desperation and freezing weather of -7 degrees! :O
Option 2: Taxi -Exit at opposite side of Lotte Mart as well (this is the main road). Look for Taxi and tell driver to go to Sammok Ferry. If they don’t know, tell them that you’ll be going to ride a boat to Sido Island. Travel time – 10 mins. Cost: Around 7,000 won. Not sure if T-money can be used.
-Disadvantage: hard to get taxis as well and cost is much higher especially if you’re going alone.
So what’s my recommendation?
Go to the bus stop but take whichever arrives first (Taxi or Bus).Taxi is much more expensive but if you’re going with 4 people, cost would be similar to bus and you would save a lot of time. But if you’ll be going with more people, take the bus instead of looking for 2 taxi’s which might take you forever! You wouldn’t want to get stuck in a provincial place in the cold and with no food right?!
3. Once you arrive in Sammok Ferry Terminal. Take Ferry going to Sindo Island—Sindo and Sido are 2 different Islands. Full House is located at Sido but in order to get there, you will have to go to Sindo first. Once inside the terminal, fill up a sheet of paper with name and contact details you will give outside. You can buy snacks, drinks, etc. inside the terminal. No one will call you, so 5-10 mins before the time, just go out to the ferry terminal.
Take note of these schedules, you’ll thank me for posting this!
Schedule Going to Sindo: 7:10, 8:10, 9:10, 10:10, 11:10, 12:10, 1:10, 2:10, 3:10, 4:10, 5:10, 6:10
Schedule Going back to Sammok Ferry: 7:30, 8:30, 9:30, 10:30, 11:30, 12:30, 1:30, 2:30, 3:30, 4:30, 5:30, 6:30
Travel time from Sammok Port to Sindo Island,10-15 mins. Cost: 3,600 won/per person. But note that you will not pay anything from Sammok to Sindo. You will pay once you go back to Sammok in Sindo Island terminal (look for small window). Just let them know how many people and say no car since some transfer with cars.

Oh and just a tip to make your boat ride awesome, buy "Oishi" type of snack so you can feed seagulls outside the ferry! Weeepee! This is super fun, I tell you!
It snowed that day! negative 7 degrees :)
4. Once you arrive in Sindo Island, take bus in front of the terminal going to Sido Island. There should be only one bus there. Tell the driver that you’ll go to Sido Island to go to Full House. Ask him/her to drop you there. Cost is about KWN 1,000/per person and you must pay in cash. Travel Time – 15-20 mins.

5. Once you arrive in Sido Island, walk going to Full House. Walk to the right once you get down the bus. You must pass by a Football and Basketball stadium on your right. Walk and follow the major road. There should be signs on your way. You can also visit the shooting location of the Sad Love Story Korean Drama after.

Note: that you should pass the main road until you see the huge sign board of Full house. Optional: Rent bike, but just walk so you can ride taxi going back, mas tipid that way!Travel time, 30 mins. Distance of walkathon, 2 km.

Sad truth, the house is starting to deteriorate so I suggest you go visit NOW before it’s completely gone. *Sniff sniff*

6. and tadaaah! Full House! :) You can view the inside and outside of the house and take pictures for KWN 5,000/per person. You will be given a ticket and a pair of free Rain socks as a souvenir.
The famous staircase and wall

Trying to re-enact some scenes

Wee! Song Hye Kyo's bed and Rain's bed

7. After the tour, you may opt to call a taxi. You may ask the ticket booth personnel if they can call the taxi on your behalf. This will cost you around KWN 10,000 but the taxi will directly drop you in Sammok Ferry Terminal therefore, you save a lot of time.
If you prefer to commute, just go back by walking then bus in bus station. But this will take a lot of time since there is only 1 bus per hour.
8. Ride ferry again going to Sammok from Sindo. Once you arrive at Sammok look for Taxi outside. Then, go back to Unseo Station. Cost: around 7,000 won. Travel time – 10 mins.
9. Ride Unseo Station Subway going to your destination.
I hope this post will help you reach your dream house, the Full House! Enjoy!


  1. Hi :) What exit number in Unseo station did you get out on? My sister and I are planning on visiting Seoul this February and part of our itinerary is to visit Full House :) hoping for your reply

    1. hi ching, I cannot remember anymore what exit number we exited from Unseo station but I believe there's only 1 station there since island siya and therefore mejo small lang yung buong area :)

      If I could remember it right, you need to turn left once you get out of the train. You must see a supermarket na walking distance from it!

    2. thank you so much for replying :) sige po, I hope we won't get lost hehe

  2. Hi! What time did you leave for Full House and time you're back in Seoul? My friends and I are thinking of including Full House tour and Lotte World in one day pero baka sobrang hassle if we will also include Hangang River Cruise. :)

    1. Hi Jaika, I can't remember anymore what time we left Seoul to go to Full House. What we did kasi we allotted one half day for Full House at that time since we fear we might have a hard time with the bus sched (which we did). It is best to go there if hindi kayo nagmamadali masyado kasi mejo mahirap siya talaga puntahan.

      For lotte world, if nagkataon madaming tao yung theme park expect heavy long lines. Around 30-40 mins. per ride probably ang waiting time so if you want to get the most of your Lotte World trip, go there early and allot at least one whole afternoon.

      I have a blog post for Hangang River Cruise, Lotte World and suggested itinerary. Kindly check them so you can plan your schedule nalang :)

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  4. Thank you for this blog! This will be very helpful for me and my husband since we'll go to Korea this end of November. By the way, I like your outfit :) Can you share where'd you buy them? Of where is the cheapest (with quality) place to buy outfits for the weather in Korea?

    1. Hi Cristina, thank you for appreciating my blog :) I bought most of my coats for Korea in Greenhills Shopping Center. I can't remember the name of the stall but I'm sure you can find it there. Just look for a stall selling winter accessories and coats. Most of it are over runs but really good quality and affordable :D Enjoy Korea! :)

  5. Thank you :) Another question Tin, do we need to buy thermals if we'll stay in Korea from Nov 29-Dec 4? Actually, we have no idea how cold it will be.

    1. YES!!!! it's really really cold in Korea. I've been there twice during the month of March (no more snow) but it was super duper cold haha! My friends who went to America before and experienced snow there said that the weather in Korea is colder even without the snow compared to USA. Just imagine the coldness if ever may snow pa! :) I suggest you buy thermals in Greenhills tiangge. Prepare your gear here in Manila to avoid buying stuff when you're there kasi expensive. Enjoy shopping for winter clothes!

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