Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fly Yogi Fly!

I learned a new thing today! I learned how to fly on a hammock and it's a new (emerging) kind of yoga--Fly yoga!!! :) It's cool, looks easy but I tell you, it's VERY challenging that I slept the whole afternoon right after the session hahaha :) I use to try the different yoga classes offered in Fitness First such as Gentle Flow, Hot Yoga, and Body Balance but all three are nothing compared to the intensity of Fly Yoga in FTX Gym Makati. Fly yoga allows your body to stretch more while maintaining proper posture because the hammock can serve as a "spotter" or supporter while doing your Cirque du Soleil stunts. It's open for beginners (like me!) and great for the advance class because of the many variations you can do for one pose. I highly recommend you try it too! All you have to do is to bring yourself and TRUST the hammock! haha ;)



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