Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Death by Chocoloatier

"Life is like chocolate, it's the bitterness that makes you appreciate the sweetness"

"Chocolate, like water, is a "universal solvent" of one's worries and anxieties!"

It's our 56th monthsary and we decided to celebrate it at Maitre Chocolatier Botique Cafe, Makati using our voucher worth Php 600 that was hoarded in one of the online voucher buying site because we're kuripot like that! ;)

My boyfriend and I are not really choco fanatics but we decided to try on the cafe's sinful treats because we heard so many good reviews about it. True enough, we ate the 3 cakes in less than 20 minutes haha yep, because it was oh soooo good as if the cake was made in choco heaven :)

Chocolatier's interiors are warm, cozy, and classy. It doesn't look and feel like your ordinary desert place because you can chill in there from day to night literally. Chocolatier not only serve cakes but they also sell various premium chocolates, ice creams, NUTELLA, and some food from appetizers, pizzas, sandwhiches, down to main dishes served with what else? but CHOCOLATE ingredients to give oommpf to a seemingly ordinary dish. It's also a perfect spot for those late night cocktails with your girlfriends and special someone...and I must try the Chef's cocktail delights like the Death by Chocolate and Inferno Cocktails one of these days.

(Listed are some of their scrumptious Choco meals but pls. do note that this is incomplete.)

Pizza and Sandwiches:
White Chocolate Vegtables Pizza Php 186
Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Spicy Dark Chocolate Php 135
Hungarian Sausages & White Chocolate Scrambled Egg Sandwich Php 136

White Chocolate Carbonara Php 230
Linguine in Spicy Dark Chocolate with Grilled Chicken Php 230
Maitre Chocolatier's Burger Patties with Rice Php 256
Grilled Pork Chop in Dark Chocolate with White Chocolate Tartar Sauce Php 238
Chicken in Mushroom White Chocolate and Cheese Sauce Php 245

Frey White Chocolate Crepe Php 183
Nachos with Chocolate Meat Sauce Dip Php 208
Churros Sticks with Lindt Dark Chocolate Dip Php 156

and for the desserts....

Tonie Tier- Lindt Mint Mousse Cake Php 195

Sweet Ebony- Lindt Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake Php 182

and for the finale, the Sweet Revenge - Lindt Molten Lava Cake Php 195


Maitre Chocolatier Botique Cafe by Eva Wong
2A (Beside Starbucks), No. 28 Jupiter Street
Bel Air, Makati City, Philippines
(632) 8978559

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