Tuesday, February 7, 2012

BKK's Temple Run

Finally after 1 week, I was able to reach my first million top score in Temple Run. I know, I know...I have no bragging rights yet because 1M palang siya and I am currently the 4th placer in our Family's Temple Run Battle... (My sister in law reached her 4M score just yesterday and I'm jealous and frustrated because I bought 40 angel power-ups but still failed to use it during the game haha). Anyway, myTemple Run addiction is very timely as I was inspired to write my over due Bangkok Adventures which happened last September 22-25, 2011.

Bangkok is Asia's shopping capital. It's like Greenhills turned into one big country haha. But aside from the retail trademark, BKK is also known for its rich culture and grandiose temples..not to mention the popular scene from Hangover 2--Patpong! The "patay-sinding-ilaw area" aka red light district :)) which we couldn't resist because we were too curious about it haha. I'll dedicate one post for my Patpong experience...but that'll be rated R-18! :))

First stop, the Chao Phraya River for our temple hopping day. We went to the pier early because we have no clue for the departure time but luckily, we were just right on time. We bought the 1 day unlimited boat pass for 150 BHT so that's about Php 200 and for more info, click here. The river is not what we expected...nothing grand about it because it's like Pasig river minus the smell. Personally, it was a good move that we didn't plan a night cruise with dinner because it's not sulit.Anyway, we planned to go to 3 popular temples in BKK--The Grand Palace, What Pho, and Wat Arum. However, Wat Arum is not passable because there's a burial ceremony of some public official at the other side of the river. So we just went to the first two.

Entrance part of The Grand Palace with the 2 power couples :)

The Grand Palace is the home of the Thai King and high government officials. This is the city's famous landmark because of the jaw dropping intricate designs in GOLD. Entrance fee is about 400 BHT and BTW, tip, you should plan your wardrobe in advance. Do not wear something revealing, short, plunging, body hugging (like leggings!) etc. In short, wear something decent...unless you don't mind paying unnecessary expenses for the malong type rental just to cover up your skin. The line here is very long and they require you to pay around deposit fee of 200 BHT. Hassle sa muscle lang diba? So wear appropriate attire. Go for jeans and cotton shirts...don't forget your trusty pamaypay and some shield for Mr. Sun! :)

Goofing around with my best friend, Shayne the NOSE :)))

Sorry, but it's a must to do this Buddha slash Yoga turned ballerina pose if you're in BKK haha

The Grand Palace is sooooooooo big, that it can take up half of your day already.

Next is the Wat Pho Temple or the temple of the Reclining Buddha. The Buddha is 46 meters long and 15 meters high! :O The soles of the Buddha are embellished with mother-of-pearl decorations with 108 auspicious characteristics of a true Buddha. How do I know this? well...research! hahah click here. The Entrance fee cost us 100 BHT or around Php 150. Price is affordable but definitely smaller than Grand Palace therefore expect that you will need half of the exerted energy in Grand Palace to walk around Wat Pho haha.

Don't ever use this as a landmark inside Wat Pho haha because we used this as our starting point
and tadaaaah...we got lost because it is all over the place hahah :))

The reclining Buddha behind us.

You can make gazillion wishes with these wishing coins dropped in a metal bowl for 20 BHT.

Outside the temple, you can try the massage to release foot and back tension from your temple trip. Wat Pho is known for their special massage because this is the home of the 1st Thai massage university. We weren't able to try this because....the illustrations outside the shop looks uhh scary hahaha :)) just kidding! Massage costs around 150-250 BHT for 30 mins. to an hour.

TRUE! BE CAREFUL IN BKK. They can be very tricky!
Although we did not encounter any pick-pocketers... bag slashers lang naman yung sakin!
My bag got slashed not inside the temple though, but outside the train after our Chatuchak shopping spree :('

Overall, I highly recommend you to allot 1 day of temple hopping when you visit BKK then reserve all the remaining days for SHOPPING!!! Visiting temples are tiring and expect excessive sweating and extreme foot pains..but this is one way to appreciate BKK's culture--the true meaning of travelling :) <3


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