Monday, January 30, 2012

Tin Co, the blogger

Weee! this is officially my first blog post! :)

Well...first things first. I am new in blogging and I am not really a writer...actually I am too lazy to write! oopss haha :)) But why do I even try to blog anyway? Hmm...I'm not really sure.. but I think because of the wonderful places I have been and the different one of a kind experiences I tried just to make my life interesting is something worth blogging. Besides, blogging is the modern way of contributing something to the existing body of knowledge right? (haha this is my fave line when I was doing my undergrad thesis! BODY OF KNOWLEDGE :0) But really, I think blogging can help someone be inspired one way or another--from beauty, fashion, cooking, food, to travel and adventure blogs. In my case, travel blogs inspired my to explore the world one country at a time and hopefully, I get to push other people's butts to GO AND TRAVEL TOO! NO UHHMMS, NO BUTS! JUST TRAVEL! :D

As I begin blogging my life's adventures and misadventures, I also hope that I get to find my real purpose in life :) Sounds emo-ish but true. Because I think I am in the "20-something confusion phase" where I am old enough to decipher what is right and wrong or know what makes me feel good, but too scared or should I say overwhelmed with all of these things to the point that I don't know where to start first. Therefore, I hope that by blogging, I get to organize my thoughts and go through self discovery in a backpack! :)


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